Monsters Stone Lounge (OLD)

Google Translated
Fist Genter (Lvl 280)
Military forces of Progmare have strong arms for armed and ready to attack at any time.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Pants, Kailipton White Knight Boots, Human White Knight Helmet, Aidia White Knight Armor, Cold Lv.2, Mini Rocket, Laser Capsule Set, Flame Capsule Set
Axe Genter (Lvl 285)
Military forces of the enemy's weapons Progmare just afraid of it, no need to explain.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Helmet, Kailipton White Knight Armor, Human White Knight Pants, Aidia White Knight Boots, Duke Helmet, Spell Shirt, Aquamarine Pants, Leopard Boots
Hammer Genter (Lvl 285)
Military forces of Progmare a formidable striker with a giant hammer with fast attack.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Armor, Kailipton White Knight Pants, Human White Knight Boots, Aidia White Knight Helmet, Duke Armor, Spell Pants, Aquamarine Boots, Leopard Helmet
Iron Genter (Lvl 290)
Military forces of Progmare holds a leading forces. The most severe damage.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Boots, Kailipton White Knight Helmet, Human White Knight Armor, Aidia White Knight Pants, Petrifaction Lv.4, Mini Rocket, Laser Capsule Set, Flame Capsule Set
Neo Khan (Lvl 312)
Neo khan was restored in the dungeon. And has developed itself to be strong all the time. Is the most powerful monster in Stone Lounge is also the commander of the forces as well.
Drop item : Rawness Pants, Rawness Pants, Meruduke Boots, Magma Helmet, Salvation Armor, Kailipton Platinum Armor, Nuclear Missile, Super Shadow Summon Stone, Grindstone(1000), Vitality Increaser
Exspear Genter (Lvl 280) Summoning Monster: Neo Khan
Hartley's forte is devoted to Neo Khan will escort Neo khan around all the time.
Drop item : Bless Pants, Evil Bless Pants, Bulkan Platinum Boots, Kailipton Platinum Helm, Human Platinum Armor, Aidia Platinum Trouser, Jackal Summon Stone, Rough Emerald, Rough Ruby, Instant Vitality Increaser