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About Level 400 Armor

Google Translated

Emergence of 400Lv Armor
"Scientists M 'During this study was obtained 360Lv armor to find the weaknesses of the Lagrange page sealant hero
Was accidentally create improved armor.
But Mare programs are devoted to the outcast two euros you can not wear armor.

400Lv Armor acquisition conditions
400Lv Armor drop to the low probability of acquisition is the boss of the bosses in the raid area.

400Lv reinforced armor
Reinforcing materials: sinseok, Magic Regent diamond
Enhanced Features: Lagrange Lamia in the same way as traditional armor can be enhanced by strengthening four NPC progression and
Upgrading is possible only to +5.

Upgrade figures Jewelry Type Lime consumption Remark
1 God Stone + Magic Regent Diamond 8,000,000 -
2 God Stone + Magic Regent Diamond 9,000,000 -
3 God Stone + Magic Regent Diamond 10,000,000 -
4 God Stone + Magic Regent Diamond 11,000,000 0 upon failure destruction
5 God Stone + Magic Regent Diamond 12,000,000 -