Map Dmitron

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Magneto Beach Greer's Guernica
Magneto Beach Greer's Guernica as a defense outpost point Progmare invaded by monsters stronger. The fort was designed to pass through to the inner part of the property. It is used to move troops into the Progmare to possess.

Abandoned town
This used to be the colonization of Human tribes before the first wash and vacuum release after the invasion Progmare hard. To enter this area need to go as a group and need a Summon Monster forward to this fight because there is a lot of monsters live.

Ancient Tomb
As this area is to experience the atmosphere of the tombs of the dead were buried in the great war hero from the past. This area can come alone. However, because the monsters are always together as a group. The fight is going to be difficult.

Stone Lounge
Territory of Solitude Surrounded by rocks, soil and dead wood to droop. Is called the Stone Lounge space monsters are the type Summon warriors can come even alone.

Partner base
Base, which is the focus of Dmitron and most areas. It is the embodiment of all the tribes of the alliance to fight Progmare.

Polluted areas
This area has been destroyed by nuclear missiles. And with severe wind conditions radioactivity. And germs being spread to the southwest, and the area is filled with polluted. Monster and strong Who would therefore require a major party.

Green Hill
A former resident of tribal Aidia which are naturally beautiful vibrant Progmare until eventually invading. The monsters in this enough to fight alone.

Boss Zone
This dungeon is a resident of the final boss. Tract to be surrounded by numerous traps. And the boss is the "Serpent Queen" with these men who guard is called "Serpent".
First, on a trip to the boss room. Must go through the warp gates located in the Green Hill. For there is no other way, or where to take us to the boss. The only warp gates The entrance to the boss room. Have special things to come from other dungeons ever was a "trap" cruel walkway. This will make you feel the atmosphere of a real adventure game.

Entrance to the spectacular, Lion hitters. Looks like things to be swallowed.

Trap First line: Thorn emerged from the floor as soon as they walked by.

Trap Stage two: timber filled blade. Post intercepted along the pathway.

The third trap: stone walls breathe fire

The fourth trap: a large boulder rolled over the entrance, a boss.

Room Boss: red, long corridors, as well as to meet the final boss.

Seopeonteu queen: big boss.
* A trap and a boss. Is a skill that can be used in the area.
Tribe The trap Boss room
Skill name Skill name
Aidia Tranquility Tranquility
Teleport Summons Squad
Summons Squad  
Human Stealth Skill Stealth Skill
Bulkan Flying Crash  
Hybirder Dash Hide
Double Slash  
* The boss room will be available in pharmacies.