In the winter of 2357, planet Earth was bereft of life. Mankind had to find a new planet to survive. They found New Earth, a planet with similar atmospheric conditions to earth, but located millions of miles away.

When the mission to New Earth was ready, 500,000 people were selected to travel on the Salvation Spaceship, leaving behind the sorry polluted shell of the original Earth.

During the seven-year long space journey to New Earth, 330,000 people perished. When the last 170,000 survivors landed on New Earth a dangerous menace was waiting for them. Three hostile races living on New Earth were waging a war. The human survivors had to face the Bulkan, Kailipton and Aidia race in ferocious battles. The planet was too small for these three races to coexist. Diplomacy was not an option.

A year on and things were no better - people were exhausted. In desperation, the humans decided to use the force of Gauts, a very strong energy powerful enough to destroy New Earth. The Gauts force was mounted on three ion missiles and each one was pointed at the three races. Using this energy would destroy at least half the surface of New Earth. It was a difficult decision to make.

Just four hours before the launch of the ion missiles, Progmare, the most powerful alien race in the universe attacked New Earth. The warriors from all four races including the human race sustained terrible damage and their strategic bases were destroyed. The humans never had a chance to launch the Gauts missiles. Another attack by the Progmare would kill all four races on the planet.

The four races realize that their only hope to beat the Progmare was to join forces. The Human, Bulkan, Kailipton and Aidia race signed a truce treaty and formed a fragile alliance to protect Laghaim from the common enemy, the Progmare.

Laghaim is called the blessed land. The human race did away with the name New Earth after the alliance was formed. They were going to start all over again. Humankind's last hope was to fight until the end in the blessed land.