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Weapon of tribal Hybrider (Stone)
Stone is Hybrider class of weapons will be available at the level of 235 players will not need to use a weapon skill.

Divine Stone
Skills that can be used as a weapon by Divine Stone.
- Required Level 235
- The highest level of skill 30


Quake Stone   Life Stone   Blue Dragon Stone
Required Level 3   Required Level 5   Required Level 20
Item Type Attack   Item Type Assistance   Item Type Attack
Applied target 6   Application value 500-800   Applied target 6
Durability 200   Applied target 4   Durability 200
MP used 100   Durability 300   MP used 100
Duration 30   MP used 200   Duration 30
Damage surrounding area with vibration   Recovery HP   Damage surrounding area with vibration
Required STR 150   Required STR 150   Required STR 150

How to use the Stone

Run skill Divine Stone and right-click the desired area.

Stone used to fill Durability of Stone

Flour Refiner
- Creates a durable 100

To add durability to the Stone

Must be used while wearing the only Stone.

After that, the Flour Refiner to enter the Quick Slot and press to add durability as shown.