Receive Quest Rewards

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How to Receive Quest Rewards
Relax in Bethlehem Quest will have to provide the experience, money or items as prizes. Once the quest is successful, it can be equipped by a NPC quest to give the city its name Laghaim Archeologist Earn rewards for quests. But the rewards for the quest. Experience When the quest succeeds, the experience will be one character automatically.
Quest is not the main goal of the game. The mission is just part of the game. You can choose to do or not. If you choose to do. You will receive the item that has the experience, money or unscheduled. And can not be obtained from the normal playback.

Reward from the quest will be 2 types.
1. When the mission is completed Will be awarded automatically.
2. Upon completion of the mission Items from quests. Will be stored in the Channel 1, which may be taken items from the quest to redeem the money is located in the town square NPC Archeologist Laglamia.

NPC Archeologist

3. You see a window And put items from quests, press the "Identify Ancient Scrool" will exchange the item from the quest for money.