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NPC for Gem Exchange

Google Translated

NPC for Link Exchange The lower level is high. It can be exchanged at one level by the NPC in the city Laglamia.

The Link Exchange Jewelers will require the same level The number 3 seed beads and stones, plus the Magic Platinum (Class Ruby above) will be exchanged for grain size gem complete with a level higher than level 1 for 1 pcs.

Details Gem And stuffs like that


Gem What does it take to redeem.

3x Amethyst + 2,500 Laim.

3x Topaz 10'000 Laim

3x Opal + 40'000 Laim

3x Sapphire + 1x Magic Platinum + 160'000 Laim

3x Ruby + 2x Magic Platinum + 640'000 Laim

3x Emerald + 3x Magic Platinum + 2'560'000 Laim