Gem Gamble / Roulette System

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Gamble is a gem?

Using a chip from existing sixth man extends the part could get higher chip and Magic gem

NPC jewelry Danny Gamble (coordinates: 825 740) to place the Magic jewelery to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 12

When you select a button of the buttons from 1 to 6 winning a system that acquires twice the jewelry.

However, every single attempt 10L.P consumption and the failure will be lost gem.  

Available gem types

Image Jewellery
Magic amethyst
Magic Topaz
Magic Opal
Maejak Sapphire
Magic Ruby
Magic Emerald
Magic Diamond
Magic Regent diamond

Jewelry Gamble Progress screen

Jewelry and number selection ② ③ ① Gamble Gamble result in progress


Roulette is a gem?

NPC jewelry roulette Johnny (coordinates: 810 740) Put one in the Magic Jewelry nulreumyeon the START button
Rewards will be given according to the final roulette results.
However, every single attempt 10L.P consumption and jewelry will disappear when the boom.


Jewelry roulette progress screen

The initial screen ② ① jewelry jewelry roulette roulette roulette running ③ jewelry boom

No change ④ ⑤ 1 rating downgrade downgrade ⑥ 2

⑦ 1 rating ⑧ 2-fold rise in obtaining acquisition ⑨ 3 times

⑩ 4 times obtained ⑪ 5 times the acquisition