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Special Drops (Lvl 211-240)


Apollo Boots
Apollo Helmet
Apollo Pants
Blizzard Wand
Charging Cannon-MK1
Charging Cannon-MK1
Charging Cannon-MK2
Charging Cannon-MK2
Confusing Storm Wand
Crash Axe
Dragon Ring
Eagle Armor
Eagle Boots
Eagle Helmet
Eagle Pants
Fire Marine Armor
Fire Marine Boots
Fire Marine Helmet
Fire Marine Pants
Flame Thrower-MK1
Flame Thrower-MK1 BP
Flame Thrower-MK2
Flame Thrower-MK2 SP
Haeven Wing
Heavy Chakuram(paralysis)
Heavy Chakuram(petrifaction)
Hidden Square Warp Device
Hyper Armor
Hyper Boots
Hyper Helmet
Rawness Armor
Rawness Boots
Rawness Helmet
Hyper Pants
Laser Weapon-MK1
Laser Weapon-MK1 BP
Laser Weapon-MK2
Laser Weapon-MK2 SP
Magic Chakuram
Magic Sword Wand
Magic Sword Wand
Magma Armor
Magma Boots Magma Helmet
Magma Pants
Mammoth Demolition
Mammoth Slayer
Matrix Rifle
Meruduke Armor
Meruduke Boots
Meruduke Helmet
Meruduke Pants
Mine Layer-MK1
Mine Layer-MK2
Power Chakuram(paralysis)
Power Chakuram(petrifaction)
Power Demolition
Power Slayer
Protection Lv.6
Rawness Pants
Rocket Gun-MK1
Rocket Gun-MK2
Salvation Armor
Salvation Boots
Salvation Helmet
Salvation Pants
Sky Wing
Soul Staff
Star Soul Boots
Star Soul Mask
Star Soul Pants
Star Soul Suit
Teurus Armor
Teurus Boots
Teurus Helmet
Teurus Pants
Teurus Sword
Time Lift Zone Warp Device
Underland Warp Device
Virgin Hyper Armor
Virgin Hyper Boots
Virgin Hyper Helmet
Virgin Hyper Pants
White Knight Cloak