Monsters Dekardi Field (OLD)

Google Translated
Hell Cobra (Lvl 25)
It is the image of "Master of Venom" It was the most toxic animals in the Decatur area.
Drop item : Blue Crystal Sword, Skeleton Staff, Air Gun, Purple Ring, Golden Sword, Charging Pack, Large Mana Potion, Large Healing Potion, Skull Shield, Peace Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 1-30)
Mok (Lvl 25)
Mock not climb the tree, but I have thrown out long hand hung like a monkey. It is the instinct of jealousy territory. I like to fight a fierce offensive.
Drop item : Golden Sword, Skeleton Staff, Air Gun, Stamina Potion, Half Moon Axe, Charging Pack, Large Mana Potion, Large Healing Potion, Skull Shield, Peace Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 1-30)
Dino (Lvl 30)
Monocular Monsters words that are in the swamps. A muscular and visibility is excellent. It fought with the crank arm length. Of it away or destroy opponents with laser beams that shoot out of the eyes.
Drop item : Golden Sword, Wiseman Staff, Ranger, Purple Ring, Iron Helmet, Iron Boots, Iron Armor, Iron Pants, Large Healing Potion, Large Mana Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 1-30)
Oniam (Lvl 35)
It precautions and look right at all times because it has one eye. When will foil came in with. Must not forget that there may be crushed to pieces by the volume density of the laser beam.
Drop item : Wing Sword, One-eyed Staff, Blaster Pistol, Poisonous Moth Ring, Warrior Axe, Wiseman Staff, Ranger, Large Healing Potion, Hell Shield, Wiseman Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)
Gremlin (Lvl 40)
Greg Hamlin piercing skin and sucking blood enemies with sharp fangs like a drag Hajduk Kula. But it was active, even in the daytime. Greg's lazy and weaker than those which look similar.
Drop item : Prosperity Hat, Poisonous Moth Ring, Wiseman Mantle, Blaster Pistol, Evil Wizard Staff, Iron Pants, Broad Sword, Iron Armor, Iron Boots, Iron Helmet
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)
Grem (Lvl 45)
It's a very strong and diligent than Greg Hamlin. Although it builds equipment itself. But it's hard to keep up on the battlefield equipment to carry it out. It has more power when attached trailers heavy equipment other goodies too.
Drop item : Sonic Sword, Evil Wizard Staff, Laser Shot Gun, Poisonous Moth Ring, Knife Edge Axe, Charging Pack, Laser Shot Gun, Large Healing Potion, Hell Shield, Wiseman Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)
Dark Soldier (Lvl 47)
Survivor warriors who survived the battle. He roamed the war until I became homeless. He will struggle to keep up with the crowd, even those friendly. Initially soldiers captured and then they try to change their behavior. But they were ordered to shoot to kill when trying to escape from the set and rioters.
Drop item : Broad Sword, Evil Wizard Staff, Blaster Rifle, Horn Bug Ring, Xeno Shoes, Hurricane Shoes, Marine Shoes, Purity Shoes, Darkness Axe, Darkness Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)
Pro Giant (Lvl 50)
People rarely talk about the head. It burly arms and fight against the enemies with symptoms clapping. When you are in estrus will eat carrion general to regain power.
Drop item : Xeno Helmet, Hurricane Hat, Marine Cap, Purity Hair Band, Xeno Armor, Hurricane Armor, Marine Suit, Purity Shirt, Darkness Axe, Darkness Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)/font>
Brain Warrior (Lvl 55)
It created an electronic organ itself. Alone and spawn 3 times during the life out of a 5-10 eggs hatched larvae then grow forearm and 2 above a thin metal. One is positive The other is negative In an emergency, it will generate power from the energy difference of the two electrodes were used effectively to hunt for food.
Drop item : Great Sword, Crystal Staff, Killer Rifle, Purity Hair Band, Xeno Pants, Hurricane Skirt, Marine Pants, Purity Pants, Golden Shield, Star Axe
Special Drops (Lvl 31-60)
Devil Giant (Lvl 65)
Next to the primeval giant Hell is a giant battle in proxy Mer. Strength is ample, and there he is cautious. I am terrified of being seen It is called the giant demon hell because it has a soul.
Drop item : Green Crystal Sword, Emerald Staff, Machine Gun, Stamina Potion, Brave Warrior Axe, Crystal Staff, Killer Rifle, Large Healing Potion, Golden Shield, Ancient Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 61-90)
Mad Cyborg (Lvl 70)
Cyborg madman is that the bodies on the battlefield. Raised by the power of the latest biotechnology. Not afraid of death It can also be seen as excellent. The science of Technology The arms of the gun it is. Great power And can effectively fight the enemy. It is mentally ill because of the body, but the thirst to kill, kill, kill.
Drop item : Brino Pants, Cloud Pants, Scout Pants, Prosperity Pants, Brino Shoes, Cloud Shoes, Scout Shoes, Prosperity Shoes, Large Healing Potion, Blood Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 61-90)
Battle Giant (Lvl 72)
As they roamed the battlefield. With one arm designed to combat the enemy in the distance. The competitive side of the destructive power of the army, it can crush a crumpled paper on it.
Drop item : Brino Helmet, Cloud Cap, Scout Helmet, Prosperity Hat, Brino Armor, Cloud Ware, Scout Suit, Prosperity Shirt, Large Healing Potion, Blood Mantle
Special Drops (Lvl 61-90)