Mutant Monster

Google Translated

Definition : The general appearance similar to the monster. But it does have a high defense and attack monsters than normal. If anyone finds her, it was shown that it is unfortunate that a lot. So do it now.

Physical Characteristics : This type of motor is the simple observation is that it is bright. Coating the body it It has the appearance of colors in four colors and each color has a different away. If I read it out below.

Mutant monster model and features of each color.

This monster can withstand. Attack by all kinds of magic. Whether by fire, earth, or even electricity. Magic attacks will be of little use. The attack is significantly lighter.
These monsters are resistant to attack from a monster that locals call it.
This characteristic can resist Attack from close range as well. Therefore, the attack from close range to put. Used with this monster is not good.
This monster can withstand attacks from a distance have every kind.