"Stone statue of Izuemiron" (Cursed)

Google Translated

If you get the quest "Stone statue of Izuemiron" If you receive this type. Your goal is to eliminate the target monster. Until the monster cursed or Cursed specified in the quest to obtain this quest to return to the experience.


When prompted Quest Mission: Cursed Monster deal types, such as text quests specified.

Allows players to manage a monster quest to be identified.

The Cursed Monster Power, a warning message is displayed.

Monster to attack the player becomes the effects of the monster Cursed Cursed is to shape up. The deal was completed Cursed quests. It will be rewarded automatically.

By continuing to do the quest.

  • Cursed Monster is stronger 2 - 3 times, and if you hit it attacks. You will get 25% more injuries except those monster dinosaur, so check and calculate well before going to the quest.
  • If you die during the fight Cursed Monster Cursed Monster goal is gone. So you have to start the quest again.
  • Cursed Monster can not attack another player. And other players can not attack as well. Whose quest can only be attacked.
  • To be able to pass into the quest as soon as possible. You can help keep people in the Party, but your party will have a maximum of 5 people, but to hit the monster that is the quest. You will be the first attack. Or only the last.