Magria Zones and Bosses

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Raid BOSS and New Zone

1. Start at Dmitron Map and you can check Boss status chart by NPC who named "Great Platonius" that placed on Dmitron 

2. Use warp gate to Magria Castle and look for NPC who named  "Archeologist" and Choose sub map that you want to go.
* require level 275

3. New 5 zones that you can warp to. Each boss zone will separate by race.  After boss has killed by player, must have to wait for 10 hours for appear again

3.1 Turan Zone

3.2 Bakariya Zone

3.3 Barcha Zone

3.4 Queiz Zone

3.5 Bareguid Zone

4. In each zone, there are 3 bosses and particular key for each zone that drop from monster for unlocking boss room, Player must to kill all (5 Zones 15 Boss) for unlocking final boss "Marboden"
4.1 Turan Zone will drop "Turan Castle Key"
4.2 Queiz Zone will drop "Queiz Castle Key"
4.3 Bakariya Zone will drop "Bakariya Castle Key"
4.4 Barcha Zone will drop "Barcha Castle Key"
4.5 Bareguid Zone will drop "Bareguid Castle Key"
5. Boss in each zone need particular key to unlock which drop from that zone
6. After killed boss in each zone will get a piece of Boss Jigsaw (Check Boss status at NPC  who named "Great Platonius" that placed on Dmitron zone)
7. If your party cans killed boss, everybody in party will get a piece of Boss Jigsaw by condition that they have to stay in boss room at the moment 
8. When all bosses in all zone are killed if player check at NPC "Great Platonius" Big Boss Picture will appear, player cans click for activate big boss zone
9. Item will drop as armor set Lv.32X and Jin weapon Lv.210
10. After activated Marboden zone, Jigsaw will reset and start a new collect toll

Raid Boss Turan Zone



Death Knight

Raid Boss Valkyria Zone

Soul King

Soul Knight


Raid Boss Barcha Zone




Raid Boss Queiz Zone



Ogre Machine

Raid Boss Bareguid Zone




Item Drop List from All 15 Bosses

Regent Diamond
Isis helmet (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Isis Armor (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Isisl Pants (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Isis Boots (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Krieger Helmet (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Krieger Armor (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Krieger Pants (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Krieger Boots (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Fleta Helmet (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Fleta Armor (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Fleta Pants (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Fleta Boots (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Vanquish Helmet (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Vanquish Armor (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Vanquish Pants (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Vanquish Boots (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Blaze Helmet (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Blaze Armor (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Blaze Pants (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Blaze Boots (Armor Set Lv.32x)
Dragon Slayer (Second Weapon)
Death Wave Wand (Second Weapon)
Mini Nuclear Launcher (Second Weapon)
Super Winter Knight Summon Stone
Jin - Riverse hammer (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - Grand dual sword (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - Teurus sword (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - Crash Axe (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - staff of Soul (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - Matrix rifle (Jin weapon Lv.210)
Jin - dragon ring(Jin weapon Lv.210)
Dmitron-Pass Lv. 250
Rough Regent Diamond