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How to Get Quest
  • You can start the quest when a Level 7 or higher.
  • Must have the equipment to get the quest for lvl 7-99 Mission Receiver is used to buy from NPC and level 100 and above will be used by the tribes that make up Amplified Mission Receiver Human.
Item Level The number of Gathering
Mission Receiver level 1 - 99 10 views Buy generic NPC
Amplified Mission Receiver level 100 30 views The device is assembled by tribes Human.

Help Reciever

  • After you have inserted into the Quick Slot Quest, you dial a number to call Shortcut Reciever use.
  • At the Quest, a message appears on the quest.
  • If you have a quest for you to deal with the monster as described in the text.
  • If you do not want to do the quest to appear, you must refuse them first by pressing Cancel quest you will get a new quest.
  • However, the cancellation of the quest to make a number of quests. Decrease in the number of applications and cancellations.


The quest to get the equipment in any channel Quick Slot and press a number to call Quick Slot Quest.
Then a window will appear quests. And to perform the tasks as described in the quest window.