Human (Gem Cutting)

Google Translated

When you are rude or Rough gems from killing Monsters, but only tribes Human rough gemstones can only be processed in order to be valid. The GIA Gem or tribal Human rough gemstones have to buy food processing equipment (Grafting Kit) from NPC Human Mechaics Merchant City Lost Realm Castle before it can be processed rough gemstones.

The skill required for the grinding of tribal jewelery Human.

Gem Cutting Skill
The grinding stones, raw skills to be a gem. The more skills, the higher the chances of success are much farm even more.
- Requires Level 20
- To up the level of your skills up to level 25.
- Opportunities for Success: 5- 95%.

How do the polishing rough gemstones.

  1. You have to put it in the glove compartment of the Rough Gems (Quick Slot) [1].
  2. Then purchase Gems Cutting Kit comes before [Figure 2].
  3. Processed gems by pressing the quick slot rough gemstones inserted.
  4. When you are finished You will see a message saying "Privatization is done!"
  5. When you make changes to a rough gemstones gems processing and can be used to upgrade items at all.


Gems Cutting Kit
The GIA Gem
10 Lime


Rough Amethyst Amethyst
To upgrade items level 1-30


Rough Topaz Topaz
To upgrade items level 31-60


Rough Opal Opal
To upgrade items level 61-90


Rough Sapphire Sapphire
To upgrade items level 91-120


Rough Ruby Ruby
To upgrade items level 121-150


Rough Emerald Emerald
To upgrade items level 151-180


Rough Diamond Diamond
To upgrade items level 181-260


Rough Regent Diamond Regent Diamond
To upgrade items level 261 and above