Map Shilon Fields

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  • Information is displayed on the left is a map of Shilon field.
  • 2 after the nerve below the castle and the castle Stony Boldin located within shilon field and is also the point at which the PVP in it and this area is also available. Monsters that are shaped like a dinosaur prey in bulk.
Shilon Village
  • This map is in merchant Potion around the village. And to have people treat Las BUSINESS Young (Veterinary) in the north of the village.
  • On the west side of the village, you will find a Team Battle Gate.
Sealoost Dungeon
  • Sealoost Dungeon is located to the southeast of the town red. You can access it from the door, located on the island Sealoost Island.
  • Sealoost Dungeion was once the most beautiful islands in the territory lag Mayhem word Cyrust Sealoost was originally named as a universal language that Bethlehem. Home of Silver Seas "After they Progmare has occupied the island, and has been expanded. Their territory into the depths of the sea, Neo Progmare Progmare get them into the island.
  • Sealoost Dungeon 3 consists of significant areas of the Zoo of Progmare, Underland Vill, Time lift zone. This place would be. strong and fierce monsters in the area. And those who came in, it was opposed by Neo Frogmare.
  • Time lift zone in Sealoost Dungeon is a place where players can open the door and into Paros The Devil King is one of the monsters of Progmares that offers versatility and also the monsters guarding the door to head to the town of Paros decay. Players must defeat the Devil King before you can open the door into the town of Paros is.