Necklace of Hero (Lvl 345)

Google Translated

When a character has reached level 345 quest Item which can get this quest from NPC named Archeologist in Laglamia.

You will get a roll quest is shown below. And be able to use it to get the quest. After the roll Qwest put in the slot and quick.

* In the event that began the quest already. You should continue the quest to complete or cancel the old one before.

When you can do the quest is successful, it will be a hero or a necklace Necklace of Hero. Which has the ability to raise the status of the characters by 10% and increased by 3% blocking options.

The photo shows the input Necklace of Hero and the ability of the necklace. There are fairies movement around the characters.

PS. Trunk full. It can also be done when a player hero bracelet and necklace with one another in a chain of heroes such as increased blood necklace. And right click on the necklace, it is possible to remove the necklace bleeding.