Winter Castle (GWH)

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Highlights of Laghaim other is the War or Siege Castle War , which in Version 2003 Castle Boldin of Shilon a castle for Siege Castle War and the 2004 version, this was a castle in the land of The Great White Horn as Siege Castle War added. That is up to the castle Winter Castle

Before the war

  1. Guild nominee to sign up for war, the NPC named White Horn Doorkeeper Castle Winter Castle (west door [950,686]) and have to pay $ 10 million in the war, Lee.
  2. Guild castle owner can set a time for war, is available from 0:00 to 23:59 the next day at the same NPC.
  3. The war began on day 3 after the nominee.

White Horn Doorkeeper

While the war
1. Time to go to war

Time to go to war with 60 minutes of Crystal Winter Castle was destroyed after the war began, then 30 minutes, the total time to 90 minutes.

2. Open the Door
By the time the war Will be announced by the And the castle gate closes Players in the castle will be teleported into the villages of the war to attack the castle gate outside to open the castle doors outside. To be able to attack the castle gates to the castle on the inside.

3. The outer
1) possession flag Castle

  • Who can go inside the castle before. And took Flag Castle before it is occupied Flag Castle.
  • Scrum Flag Castle Failure to make the possession of the flag to be.
  • The attack was the last occupant of the flag is the possessor of the next flag.

2) Achievements
Guild of the flag of the castle on the outside, while all the time the war. It has a castle outside it.

4. Inside the castle
1) control of the Crystal

  • Inside the castle is the Winter Castle Rock Crystal Stone who break this be the last. Be a rocky tenure And the voting will begin after the Crystal stone is destroyed.
  • Lucky Stone of Possession He is going to be scrapped. Those attacks occupy the last one will be the next occupant.
  • If the next possession under no guild Crystal stone to move back into the center of the castle. Crystal Stones and the first shall be the next possession.

2) calculate rating
The scoring is based on the time of possession and falling rocks Crystal other members of the guild. (See details of the threads in the war).
3) Achievements
Guild Wars with the most points is the winner. Winter Castle and Castle Holdings.

5. Other rules

  • If a ruler or Flag Castle Rock Crystal. Out of the war or Flag Castle Rock Crystal. Automatically returns to the heart of the castle.
  • If the time-out war, and there is more than one guild with the most votes. War time will be extended for another 10 minutes.
  • Players who are members of the guild castle owner. (Or guild that owns the Crystal Stone Rock Crystal in case) and guild rulers Flag Castle. Can warp into the castle without any shortcuts to the east of the village [1000.475].

6. The war

How Scored
(The attack)
1. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Lay members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal as well. 3 1
2. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Failure of Gill's position on the crystal. 10 10
3. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Falling Crystal Bearers. 50 10
4. Members of the guild that is dominating the crystal. Knocked the other player. 6 5
5. The Crystal Bearers Open falling through other members of the guild. 100 5
6. Gill every 1 second to rule the crystal will have one vote. 1 -
7. At the end of the war Gill, who is the reigning Crystal extra points. 600 -
8. In the event of a postponement. At the end Gill, who dominate the crystal has extra points. 300 -

7. The advantages of becoming the ruler of the castle.
1) outside the castle

  • During the war While the door is not opened yet And Flag Castle has not been hijacked. Users outside the castle owner can warp into their castle on. Shortcut "Castle" on the east side of the village [1000.475] As a result, there was an advantage in the battle to come, if the guild castle outside the castle can compete with. When war It can prevent the door from the outside. If the Guild nominee owned a castle outside. When war Are able to penetrate the inner door without attacking the outside door so on.
  • Can be a tax on the sale of the item in the map The Great White Horn (15%) on Flag Castle. (Only the Guild Master and secondary institutions only).
  • To harness the power of Monster In The Great White Horn map by grinding Controller (east gate of the village [942,502] and the west door of the Castle [950,686]).

The details are as follows.

  1. Controller will be at 2 instead packed into one platform Monster Energy Ball is 5% more power.
  2. If packed into 2 podium Monster forces would be reduced by 10%.
  3. If not loaded yet Monster will become more powerful by 20% Energy Ball 1 ball into effect for about 1 hour, can be packed into as many children until the power is full (the Energy Ball 6 children to live. up to 6 hours)
  4. Altar boys will have 2 colors, red for damage control. And blue for the defense

2) Inside the castle

  • Guild owner of the castle. Will be honored with a blue crown over its name. To demonstrate ownership of the castle.
  • While the war Members of the guild castle owner can use the shortcut in the castle. (East of the village [1000.475]).
  • Can be scheduled to start the war. To the advantage of the guild.
  • Guild own castle in the pricing (90 - 110%) and taxes (40%) was sold in map The Great White Horn on the podium Crystal Castle (only guild master and secondary institutions only.)