Map Laglamia

Google Translated
  • You can see it when you start the game by pressing M on your keyboard.
  • On the map is marked with blue arrows. Show them that you are at any position, and you are traveling westbound and the chart. You can also note the presence of the map that you are walking in the direction you want to or not.
  • On the map showing the location of the building on the hunt monsters that can be used to show the chase hunting according to Level your router.
Laglamia Square
  • Here is one place where you will find the beginning of the game as well. There will be filled with traders around the walls, and you can buy what you want different items from NPC waiting for service.
  • Next to it is a Gem Bambler (npc gambling chip), Gem Shopkeeper (npc been integrated chip), Aisian Bandor (npc deposits or of), Machine Ship Owner (npc assembly device tribes Human), Guard. Master (npc to get a set at the same level).
Soccer Stadium
  • Soccer is on the east side of the square and the class Mir.
  • It is a place where players can battle each other without fault. (But I am happy to see that other players will struggle with it or not), or it can play football.
Survival Island
  • Map for the territory there are monsters to item level higher monsters on the outskirts Laglamia but monsters are stronger than.
  • The map will be provided the opportunity to meet with you in order to be fierce and intense battle monsters in a test of your availability to the items in the attack and the high level PvP.