Menu Bar


This menu is on top right of the screen and you should know about the following buttons:
- Character Data (Hot key “C”)
- Inventory (Hot key “I”)
- Skill (Hot key “T”)
- Labiyong Data (Hot key “O”)
- Map (Hot key “M”)
- Help (Hot key “F1”)
- Party (Hot key “P”)
- Quit Game (Hot key “Esc”)


Red point is Monsters position Green point is the other player Your character is on the middle poison of the radar and lower number is the co-ordinates that show your position you stand.


It shows your character status and there are 4 gauges on the screen. Red gauge is Vitality, Blue gauge is Mana Point, Yellow gauge is Stamina , Green gauge is Electric power


You can use the command to show emotions such as greeting, waving, dancing and so on. (Hot key “Z”)


This button is on the left hand. Each class has the different ability attack and it depend on the weapon that they use.

View point

This button is on the right hand. You can change your view point by hold right-mouse and move it to the direction that you want. When you want to zoom in or zoom out, use your scroll mouse.


Quick Slot

Quick slotYou can use it easy by move your item that you want to use it easily and put it into Quick Slot 1 – 6. When you want to use that item, you just press the number that item put on. If you cannot use it, please change your language.


Chatting Window

After you type your message and press enter, your message will show on two places. It is on your character and message box that is on the left of the screen.

Chatting Command (refer to the picture)

Number 1 All: you can see all type of conversation
Number 2 Normal: use it for have general conversation with the other player
Number 3 Party: to have the conversation in the party
Number 4 Guild: to have the conversation in the guild
Number 5 Shout: use in Mobius Arena only. So when you type message in shout mode, the other player can see your message wherever they are.
Number 6 Master: use to see the announcement and news from the staff
Number 7 Up: when you press it, the message will not show on your character
Number 8 Message box: press enter and type the message and press enter again to send message.
Number 9 Shorten/Expand button: use to shorten or expand the chatting window
Number 10 Scroll button: use to see the message that is passing away
Number 11 Use to open/close Trade message

Tips for use Chatting Window

//charactername message use to whisper to the player that you want to talk to.
//nc this command is use to close all whisper from all player and use it again to open.
/nc character name use to close whisper from that player and use it again to open.
: message use to have conversation in the guild
; message use to have conversation in the party
//trade message it is trade announcement or other message that you want and the message will always show on your character.

Peace mode / Battle mode

If you attack monsters, you will be battle mode immediately. You can change it by click it or press Tab on the keyboard.


You can move by click left-mouse on position that you want to move on the screen. Hot key “R” is use to change your movement from run to walk & walk to run.