Evolution Bracelet

Google Translated
Evolution Bracelet
- Requires Level: 250
- Can be combined with any Bracelet like Alchemist Bracelet.
- Bracelet can be combined to yield only 1 per piece.

How to add capabilities to Bracelet with Scroll

  • Bracelet other players can increase their ability to Evolution Bracelet by taking Evolution Bracelet Bracelet who want to put on it, only 1 piece.
  • Scroll upgrade Bracelet for use with Evolution Bracelet only.
  • The disc upgrade Scroll unlimited. But the same disc upgrade Scroll limited to 1 or 3 times. (See details in Table Scrolls and sheet Option).
  • Scroll opportunity to upgrade with success depends on the number. Sheets that have been upgraded. (See the table below).
  • For Evolution Bracelet Bracelet with upgrades with other 5 Class up to the next level if you fail Evolution Bracelet Bracelet is gone, but will be used to upgrade again.
  • If the option is already inserted disc upgrade option that will be more like the player a boost of 3% on the Evolution Bracelet Option to add life into it. Players will get the option to add life to 5% (see details in Table Scrolls and Option).
  • If the disc option unique to Item Other Sheet option that would better be used instead as a player with Ancient Ring Add Critical 10% and Evolution Bracelet Add Critical 30% option, players will get a boost Critical 30%.

Success rate of adding an option with a Scroll

1-2 Scrolls 100% Success rate
3-4 Scrolls 80% Success rate, if it fails only the scroll is lost.
5+ Scrolls Success rate starts at 40% with every option the rate drops another 50%, if it fails the Bracelet is lost.

Scrolls and options

Scroll Name Option Profile option
Seal of Power
Proof of Power (thai)
Increase Vitality 3%, 5%, 7%
Mystic Contract
Nymphe King's Agreement (thai)
Increase Mana 3%, 5%, 7%
Seal of Flame Increase Electric Energy 3%, 5%, 7%

Fury of Thunder
Rage of Lightening (thai)

Increase Strength 3%, 5%, 7%
Seal of Freedom
Soul of Regret (thai)
Damage Reflection 10%, 15%, 20%
Seal of Hero Damage Absorption 5%, 10%, 15%
Power of Protection Increases all resistances 5%, 10%, 15%
Light of Transformation (thai)
Cast Chaos on Monster 10%, 15%, 20%
Wave of Change Magic Protection 10%
Sign of Life Enhance Potion 10%