Selling Items


1.There are two types of private shop system

Personal shop : you cannot move

Personal store : you can entrust NPC to sell item by use Cash item You can find item that use to have your own shop (Personal Shop) at NPC Magic Shopkeeper)

Basic Personal shop device
12 slot
Advance Personal shop device
24 slot
Expert Personal shop device
36 slot


How to open your personal shop

1. Have item for open personal shop
2. Put it into Quick Slot
3. Press number that you put item on


How to sell item

1. Specify your shop name
2. Choose item that you want to sell from inventory and put it into shop window
3. specify the price of the item


How to specify the price of the item

1. You can specify the price of the item that you think that it’s very expensive and you want to sell following this:

500,000,000 Limes
1,000,000,000 Limes
2,000,000,000 Limes

If you want to sell item that has 10+ pieces, click right-mouse at the item for specify price of 10 pieces.


- if you want to sell Amiga Magic Stone 10 pieces, click right-mouse at the item.
- input the price: 1000 Limes per piece
- the cost of Amiga Magic Stone 10 pieces are 1,000 Limes per piece
- If you already sell it, you will get 10,000 Limes


2. When you finished specify your item & price, click “เปิดร้าน” button

Edit and Close shop

1. When you want to edit your item or price, click “แก้ไข” button on shop window.
2. When you want to close the shop, click “ปิดร้าน” button.


How to buy item from Personal Shop

1. Press and hold right-shift on the keyboard and click left-mouse on Personal Shop you want. After that, Personal Shop window will appear on the screen. Then double-click item you want, there is small window for confirm your purchase. (If you want to buy, click “ตกลง”. If you want to cancel, click “ยกเลิก”)
2. If you want to buy similar item 10 pieces per times, there is small window for confirm your purchase too.


How to search item

If you want to know the price of items that sell in Personal Shop or Personal Store, you can use search system to find the shop that has item you want.

1. NPC for searching (NPC Miscellaneous traders) is near NPC Aisian Bandor

2. There are two ways for searching.

- A. Search full name of the item
Example 1) Kailipton White Knight Boots

- B. Search part of item name
Example 2) Boots, helmet

If you find item “Boots”, it will show item “Boots” that is selling in Personal Shop or Personal Store. If you want to find more “Boots”, click “ค้นหา” button.

When you found it, click left-mouse on the item. It will show you about the details, the position of shop that selling. Moreover, it shows the price for your best choice too.


How to get item back when you close your shop

In the case that you close the shop and find that item lost or not get all item of you, you can get them back at NPC Miscellaneous to get items back.

When closed shop and if you can not get back a message will be displayed.


To Npc Miscellaneous traders and press return.

- Prior to the return of space, enough to make the item to be returned.

To NPC Miscellaneous traders and press return.