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Hot Keys

Hot keys for Attacking skills
Menu Window Toggle
F11 Event Messages
select 2 (out of Vitality, Mana, Stamina, Electric Power, Vitality) to display remaining amount.
` or Z
Social Movements Toggle
Attack/ Peace Toggle
Running / Walking Toggle
C (Character)
Stats Window Toggle
I (inventory)
inventory Window Toggle
Skill Window Toggle
V (shortcuts)
toggle status-window for shortcuts f2-f8
E (trade)
toggle trade-window
F (items) Pick up nearest item
ALT (items)
shows infos about items lying on the ground
ALT GR (items) shows infos about items lying on the ground (permanently)
O (pet)
toggle status-window for your pet
Q (behaviour
toggle behaviour-window for pet
Map Toggle
Party Window Toggle
G(guild) toggle guild-window
Chatting Start, End 
Private chatting Start, End
Example: If you type (/friend's_ID friend hi) and press enter, you will see on the chatting window (*whisper*your_ID* friend hi.) Of course, only your friend are allowed to see them.
Ignore Whisper
It is used to reject whispers by everyone.
Ignore single char
//nochat <Charname>
It is used to reject whispers by one single char.
Home (Deprecated)
To bring back the viewpoint to the default 
PageUp (Deprecated)
To move the viewpoint of the camera up 
PageDown (Deprecated)
To move the viewpoint of the camera down 
Arrow Left or A
To turn the picture to the left 
Arrow Right or D To turn the picture to the right 
Mousewheel Up
To enlarge the picture 
Mousewheel Down To reduce the picture
Instead of using those hot keys, you can move the mouse while pressing the right mouse button to change the viewpoint. Instead of Zoom in/out, you can also use the wheel of the wheel mouse.
To use quick slots
Trade Message //trade <text>
Displays <text> periodically in brown color (for trade messages only)
Start Trade //exchange <Charname>
Start a trade-request with a player. Player has to be in visible range.
Start Refine //refine <Charname>
Start a refine-request with a player (aidia only).
Selfrefine //selfrefine
Refine items in own tradewindow (aidia only).
Basic Reskill //point
Use free reskill with default settings. You can get free reskills from quests.
Enhanced Reskill //point xA xB xC xD xE
Use free reskill with start-parameters. "xA" = Strength, "xB" = Wisdom, "xC" = Dexterity, "xD" = Constitution, "xE" = Leadership
Version //Version
Display game versionnumber
Servertime //timecheck
Display server date and time

Labyjong / Feragon

Insert Battle Mode
Home Companion Mode
PageUp Pick Up Mode
Delete Evasion Mode
End or - Support Mode
PgDn or + Long Range Mode
] Feragon Alert Mode
[ Feragon Macro Mode