Map Great White Horn

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One of the lands of Bethlehem Star Lab. The natural change Make this land made of ice up to 99%, making the landscape filled with the white of the snow and ice. The castle of The Great White Horn, one of the great castle. Aside from the castle of Shilon Boldin is located in the north-east of the Plains Dekadi And here is going to be another great battle beyond the Siege Castle War of Shilon.


The Winter Castle


The castle was built to protect these Neo-Progmare lived east of the Plains Dekadi castle is surrounded by the sea on the south side. And the lag Mayhem created a wall thickness up to prevent abuse of the birth of Neo-Progmare that occur after natural disasters.


The Ancient Village


Prior to the natural disasters that result in this land full of snow and ice. This village is a place where the tribes live a long time. But the village is not strong enough to prevent these Neo-Progmare the nation of immigrants moved into the house in the village of Castle The Winter Castle makes this pristine wilderness of the residents come from then onwards.


The Great White Horn


  • This is a map of the territory The Great White Horn (Update to version 2005)
  • The map shows the location of the ancient village that was Neo-Progmare invasive, requiring Winter Castle castle built up in the right position to defend.
  • In areas where water is It is made of ice up to 1/3 as well.