Skills Human

Skill Max Skill Lvl. Skill Details
Marksmanship 25

It is a skill necessary for you to use guns.
The higher the skill value, the bigger the damage you can cause to the enemy.
Required Level: 5
Maximum Skill Level: 25
Damage Bonus: 10~200%

Electric Shield 25

Instead of your Vitality, it bears the damage caused to you. It absorbs part of the physical damage, up to 50%.
Required Level: 15
Electric Power Consumption: 10~30
Damage Absorption: 1~30
Shield: 5~50%

Sniping 5

You can shoot an enemy from far away with this skill, but the attacking speed will be decreased.
Required Level: 15
Maximum Skill Level: 5
Electric Power Consumption: 30~40
Shooting Range: 2~9 meters added
Electric Power Consumption: 1.2~2 times more than the normal attack

Gem Cutting 25

It is a skill by which you can change a rough gem to a precious gem.
The higher the skill level, the higher the probability of success in crafting.
Required Level: 20
Maximum Skill Level: 25,
Success Rate of crafting gemstones: 5~95%

Semi-automatic fire 25

Skill for giving two or three shots in a row.
The higher the level becomes, the higher possibility of successful semi-automatic fire the player has.
Required Level: 50
Max Skill Level: 25
Possibility of success: 4~100%
Damage Bonus: 100%

Stealth 5

Enables you to hide underneath the ground. No damage can be inflicted on your character. No attack can be mounted against the enemy. Range of vision is limited.
At the beginning of your Stealth, specific amount of electric power will be consumed, and every ten seconds after then, the same amount of electric power will be consumed.
Required Level: 80
Electric Power Consumption: 20~60
Maximum Skill Level: 5

(aka Aiming Skill)

Inflicts certain percent of total damage on the opponent in Semi-automatic fire or Sniping.
Required Level: 80
Max Skill Level: 10
Damage Increases: 3 shots in a row(1%~10%), 2 shots in a row(15%~60%), Single fire(25%~250%), Sniping(2%~20%)
- Passive Skill

Frozen Shot 25 Freeze the wounded place using bullets condensed with liquid nitrogen.
Required Level: 101
Max Skill Level: 25
Damage Bonus: 7~127%
Penetration 5

Inflicts certain percent of total damage on the opponent.
Decreases defense power of the opponent.
Ignores Bulkan's 'Body of steel'.
Not removed by Kailipton's 'Release' Magic.
Required Level: 110
Max Skill Level: 5
Damage Increases: 3~15%
Decreasing defense power: 20~100%
Duration: 70 seconds
- Not passive Skill
- Cooling Time: 40 seconds

Assembly 10

As the skill level goes up, player can assemble the small equipment with higher - leveled requirement.
Required Level: 130
Max Skill Level: 10
- Passive Skill.
- Related only to production not attacking power nor defense power

Machine Operation Skill 10

Enables player to operate small equipment or heavy weapon.
As the level goes up, the damage of heavy weapon increases.
Required Level: 150
Max Skill Level: 10
- Not passive Skill
- Can be activated with normal attack simultaneously.

Absorb Magic 10

Absorbs certain amount of damage of magic from Kailipton or monsters.
With this skill, character can evade from all magic attacks from time to time.
Required Level: 170
Max Skill Level: 10
Damage Absorption: 6~60%
Automatically activated in using electric shield.

Electric Shot 25 Attack using the energy of atmosphere.
Required Level: 175
Max Skill Level: 30
Damage Bonus: 8~200%
Air Raid 20 Inflicts high damage in front of the player with a air strike.
Required Level: 200
Max Skill Level: 20
Damage Bonus: 5~100%
Air Raid concent 10 Increase the damage of the Air Raid with a elaborate missile attack.
Required Level: 210
Max Skill Level: 10
Damage Bonus: 10~150%
Deep Attack 10 Inflicts high damage by deep slashing attack in a close distance.
Required Level: 250
Max Skill Level: 10
Damage Bonus: 30~120%
Chain Attack 10 Inflicts multiple and continuous attack within a short period in a close distance.
Required Level: 265
Max Skill Level: 10
Deep Attack Probability: 4~40%
Process 10 As processing the spell bookmake more powerful equipment.
Required Level: 275
Max Skill Level: 10
Success Rate: 10~82%
Auto Mine 20 Give powerful attack using Mine.
Required Level: 275
Max Skill Level: 20
Damage Bonus: 18~112%
Fire Blindly 30 Attacks enemy randomly for a while.
Required Level: 300
Max Skill Level: 30
Damage Bonus: 10~120%
Penetration 2 20 Increase the damage against other players (PVP).
Required Level: 500
Max Skill Level: 20
PVP attack power rise: 25~500