Control and fight

Google Translated

If you want to control Labiyong then you have to press "Q" will be shown below the menu to select the operating mode of the Labiyong on a window, the icon with the following command.

From left are

1. Battle Mode - Labiyong orders to attack targets around.
2. Companion Mode - Tracking mode to let Labiyong served us very well.
3. Pick Up Mode - Labiyong ordered collection of articles that fall.
4. Collect Mode - Storage mode to let Labiyong help us keep the falls from monsters.
5. Evasion Mode - Mode stops the fight and keep all or walking by.
6. Support Mode - Labiyong ordered to attack the same target with the owner.
7. Long Range Mod - Ordered around by Labiyong targets to attack targets in remote, but if the command is Labiyong attack is reduced.