Party System


If you want to join the party, you must be in normal mode.
- Press “P” on keyboard and choose “ต้องการเข้าร่วม” and type your leader name that you want to join and wait for leader’s acceptance.
- Or hold right shift on the keyboard and click at the party leader that you want. It will have small window appear on the screen. Then you click party button and wait for leader’s acceptance.

- Party leader will receive the message “มีการขอเข้าร่วมกลุ่มปาร์ตี้”
- When the party leader has already received the joining message, player can join the party.
- When you have already joined the party, you will see white circle on your feet and players in the party.

- If you want to see members in the party, press “P” to see all members in the party.

- If you want to see your life and members in the party, click “Party Member Information”

- If you want to quit the party, click “ต้องการออก”
- You can see your members LV. in the party by type “//party info and it will show members LV. in the party.

Party Details
- You will receive more 10% Exp. (depend on your damage)
- You will receive more 5% Exp when you have new member in the party.
- You will receive more 5% Exp when the difference of LV. between member and member is 100 or higher.
- You will receive 15% Exp from the monster if you are not attack them.
- Party leader will receive more 10% Exp.


1. When the party have 5 members, Bonus Exp receiving is 10+ (5X5) =35%
2. If the party have the difference of LV. between member & member is equal to 100 or higher= 3 pairs, Bonus Exp receiving is 10 + (5X5) + (5X3) =50%
3. for party leader only will receive bonus 10% Exp. So party leader in No.2 will receive bonus Exp = 70%


Party Options

Party Type

There are 2 types of party. That is equal and damage. - Equal = share Exp equally from the monsters - Damage = Exp will share following the damage on the monster

There are 5 types of item share.

Item Type

- First player who attack monster will receive item.
- First player who keep item will receive the item.
- Item will random to member in party.
- Only party leader can keep item.
- Share item by start at party leader.

Party Command

- You can see the other health point in the party.
- When this button is on, the other cannot join the party
- Input player name you want to have party with.
- Party leader can appoint member to be the leader.
- Cancel the party
- Quit the party