Monsters Dekaran Dungeon (OLD)

Google Translated
Zombie (Lvl 61)
Long ago, during the construction of the dungeon of Ham Lake. Has collapsed several times and lost a lot of construction workers died. The dead have come back as zombies. In the unknown dead this time. It is around the enraged bear to death in a dungeon built. It kills everything in its path.
Drop item : Green Crystal Sword, Mystery Staff, Bio Rifle, Silver Fly Ring, Power Axe, Magic Recovery Potion, Stamina Recovery Potion, Electric Energy Recovery Potion, Sun Mantle, Vitality Recovery Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 61-90)
Skeleton Captain (Lvl 100)
Specialists ax 2 once the compiler collection Mayhem is the same kingdom with the cooperation of the Bull axis. Although they were crushed, and it is only in the body of the bone. History of Ham Lake was also recorded as a tribal hero and faithful.
Drop item : Triple Horn Axe, Ancient Staff, Pascal Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Hope Wing, Tranquility Skirt, Bulletproof Pants, Mercy Pants, Veteran Mantle, Saber
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Ark Jackal (Lvl 105)
Specialists combat power It guards the entrance to the 2nd floor of the DeKalb Rennes.
Drop item : Heavy Axe, Passion Wing, Pahwang Armor, Kaizen Ring, Pahwang Helmet, Infantry Pants, Marsh Skirt, Magic Recovery Potion, Passion Pants, Extra Large Vitality Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Claw Jackal (Lvl 107)
Armed with the deadly and fast. It was a reckless attack enemies. But exhaustion defense.
Drop item : Oriental Sword, Electric Energy Recovery Potion, M-99, Kaizen Ring, Heavy Axe, Marsh Ware, Pahwang Armor, Magic Recovery Potion, Marsh Turban, Extra Large Vitality Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Horn Beast (Lvl 110)
It is not known much. One day when I do not know where it came from. The pit; It was the skeleton of a leader and followers. The Myth of Ham Lake has mentioned something similar, but not confirmed that it is an animal with him or not.
Drop item : Pahwang Boots, Marsh Shoes, Infantry Boots, Hope Shoes, Pahwang Helmet, Marsh Turban, Infantry Helmet, Hope Hair Band, Golden Mantle, Triple Horn Axe
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Gonetor (Lvl 114)
Armed with an arsenal that makes this snazzy they can be protected as well. But slow motion It patrol alongside Jack Gaul.
Drop item : Power Metal Helmet, Flame Crown, Heavy Infantry Helmet, Passion Hair Band, Power Metal Boots, Flame Shoes, Heavy Infantry Boots, Passion Shoes, Sharp Staff, M-99
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Drarion (Lvl 120)
Monster that appears from nowhere with his animals. Some have only survived after catches up with it. It is made even more amazing. Jack R. Gaul animal is skillfully use weapons. With the strength, patience and expertise of the battle. It is a guard on the 2nd floor. Dungeons of DeKalb Rennes.
Drop item : Pahwang Armor, Marsh Ware, Infantry Suit, Hope Shirt, Pahwang Pants, Marsh Skirt, Infantry Pants, Hope Pants, Ancient Staff, Pascal Rifle
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Wolfen (Lvl 120)
Virtually unarmed combat and a bite attack and not be compromised with. The Agility Legend has it that Stephen Wu had been bitten, but has not been confirmed.
Drop item : Lion Axe, Sharp Staff, Xylo Gun, Kaizen Ring, Power Metal Armor, Flame Shirt, Heavy Infantry Suit, Passion Shirt, Warrior Sword, Oriental Sword
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Gonma (Lvl 120)
When this snazzy Leads Jack Gaul. So before you even fight the intruders with one arm. Before even fighting the enemy with great power. It is known that the warrior spirit. When defeat even before Guess that spirit to take up arms to fight.
Drop item : Lion Axe, Golden Jade Staff, Xylo Gun, Extra Large Vitality Potion, Power Metal Pants, Flame Skirt, Heavy Infantry Pants, Passion Pants, Warrior Sword, Black Knight Boots
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Cutter Khan (Lvl 120)
ves and sickles to guard their powerful Khan ruled the 2nd floor of the dungeon DeKalb Rennes. Similar to that Khan had an ax-wielding giant. Knife Khan adds importance to Khan.
Drop item : Power Metal Helmet, Flame Crown, Heavy Infantry Helmet, Passion Hair Band, Power Metal Boots, Flame Shoes, Heavy Infantry Boots, Passion Shoes, Black Knight Helmet, Black Knight Armor
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Skull Fighter (Lvl 120)
Warrior skull is a unit of skeleton warriors are the mechanism by which the developed world. I also do not underestimate the power of the past and unleash a massive engine.
Drop item : Karma Blade, Phoenix Ring, Sigma Rifle, Darkness Wing, Power Metal Pants, Flame Skirt, Heavy Infantry Pants, Passion Pants, Battle Axe, Extra Large Vitality Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Sad Shadow (Lvl 120)
You will find that these animals swaying like a sharp knife. The female and clinical development of the entry Engineering. As if that was never completed. It is sheer mass However, these sharp knife fell swoop down enemies, even just once only. So called because it is often found that the tears on my cheeks. Although it does not seem to mind while remaining brutally attacked.
Drop item : Blood Helmet, Blizzard Cap, Bionic Helmet, Shadow Helmet, Blood Boots, Blizzard Shoes, Bionic Boots, Shadow Boots, Ring Staff, Darkness Wing
Special Drops (Lvl 91-120)
Sickle Khan (Lvl 145)
Unlike knives and sickles of the Deccan. Kyoto is known as God's messengers. The weapon can be killed with a single tooth.
Drop item : Heavy Infantry Boots, Phoenix Ring, Crypto Rifle, Stamina Recovery Potion, Blood Armor, Blizzard Shirt, Bionic Armor, Shadow Armor, Ring Staff, Extra Large Vitality Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 121-150)
Wild Skull (Lvl 150)
Similar to a warrior skull. Development of the skeleton soldiers Fight the enemy with the power of a heavy ax. No pain, even if it was grappling. It screams wildly eager to fight, even torn to pieces Pattern few pieces already.
Drop item : Expulsion, Phoenix Ring, Crypto Rifle, Stamina Recovery Potion, Blood Pants, Blizzard Pants, Bionic Pants, Shadow Pants, Vampire Axe, Extra Large Vitality Potion
Special Drops (Lvl 121-150)
Gondra (Lvl 170)
Gondor I struggle to have dominion DeKalb Rennes with Jack Blood Gaul. Gonzalo Sandra and Jack Gaul blood weigh many wonders. When they break down Makes it difficult opponent will stand. Despite shunning takeoff. The slabs are vibration and wounding about flying. After the battle for 10 days before Sandra Khan defeated the ruling on the 2nd floor of DeKalb Rennes.
Drop item : Duke Helmet, Spell Cap, Aquamarine Helmet, Duke Shoes, Spell Shoes, Aquamarine Boots, Mighty Staff
Special Drops (Lvl 151-180)
Khan (Lvl 170)
Khan's parents DeKalb Rennes. Nothing tell why Khan was the DeKalb Rennes. But he ruled after winning the Calder Rennes before Sandra and Jack Gaul blood sword couple heard that no durable power of the sword to prevent any pair of Khan. Even enemies to restrain Khan successfully. But the impact is still nearly killed his opponent.
Drop item : Duke Pants, Spell Pants, Aquamarine Pants, Cyclone Blade, Griffon Ring, Spell Shirt, Aquamarine Armor, Scream Axe, Falcon Staff, Tornado Rifle
Special Drops (Lvl 151-180)