Monsters Ancient Graveyard (OLD)

Google Translated
Bone Worker (Lvl 280)
Spirit that haunts the skeleton due to genetic experiment goes wrong in Genus Laboratory and attack everything it sees as enemies.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Armor, Kailipton White Knight Pants, Human White Knight Boots, Aidia White Knight Helmet, wand charger Lv.2, Confusion Lv.3, Paralysis Lv.3, Vitality Increaser
Bone Sorcerer (Lvl 285)
One of the results of a failed experiment of mixing genetic Genus Laboratory, which can make it look magical.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Pants, Kailipton White Knight Boots, Human White Knight Helmet, Aidia White Knight Armor, Petrifaction Lv.4, Cold Lv.4, Confusion Lv.3, Mana Increaser
Bone Master (Lvl 290)
Result of a genetic experiment that failed to make it into the Genus Laboratory strong skeleton warriors. Powerful terror attacks.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Boots, Kailipton White Knight Helmet, Human White Knight Armor, Aidia White Knight Pants, Accumulated Damage Lv.3, wand charger Lv.2, Paralysis Lv.3, Vitality Increaser
Fury Brut (Lvl 307)
Alien invaders, but later quit loyal to Progmare Progmare been trying to get back to Partner. However, it was still fighting independently. And can run virtual shadow to the attack.
Drop item : Hyper Armor, Virgin Hyper Armor, Teurus Pants, Star Soul Boots, Fire Marine Helmet, Eagle Armor, Mini Rocker Luncher, Shadow Summon Stone, Petrifaction Lv.6, Cold Lv.6
Brut (Lvl 307) Summoning Monster: Fury Brut
Virtual shadow of Fury Brut, but because of a severe attack. And is considered a monster to escape.
Drop item : Bless Boots, Evil Bless Boots, Bulkan Platinum Helm, Kailipton Platinum Armor, Human Platinum Trouser, Aidia Platinum Boots, Rough Emerald, Rough Ruby, wand charger Lv.2, Instant Stamina Increaser