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Boldin Castle (Shilon)

Google Translated

The war between the Castle of Fame Guild Guild bet will be a winner has won the highest honor as a warrior castle Bodin or not. Depends on you and your friends.

  • Siege's Rules legal battles Shilon.
  • Siege's Score points in the war.
  • Siege's Process steps in battle.
  • Siege Castle Owner benefit of the guild castle owner.
  • Siege Castle Master Control Shilon by guild master.


Legal battles Shilon (Siege's Rules)
1. Time to fight in the battle at 1 to 1 ½ hours are divided into two cases.

  • If Shilon Master is broken down within 30 minutes the first time, the battle will end at 60 minutes after the announcement of the war.
  • If Shilon Master was torn down after 30 minutes for the first time, the battle will end at 90 minutes after the announcement of the war as well.

2. Castle Gate
By the time the battle Both sides of the castle door is closed. And players who are not members of the Guild Castle is teleported away from the village of Red Castle owner Guild members will not warp out. And access to the castle by using Boldin Warp Device.
At the gate, there is a lot of porters Shilon sorcerer. Keep the door And there will be another 4 after serving tower destroyer attacks from intruders. Do this by opening the door to at least 3 houses destroyed the tower when the tower was destroyed after 3 years Sorceress is gone and the door will be opened. If you can not destroy the tower of the castle under all 4 door will be opened to the.

3. Shilon Master
When the castle was already met with Shilon Spear Man stewards Shilon Master goal of the attacker is to destroy Shilon Master in 60 minutes if the attacker can not destroy the original castle Shilon Master was going to win. In the event that can damage Shilon Master will appear on the rock crystals of Shilon Shilon Master was the last attack.

4. Shilon rock crystal
When presented with a crystal of Shilon play. Those who can not fall crystal holders. It holds Crystal's next And members of the guild who is holding the crystal will have pearls appear at the circle around the player.

5. Shilon Knight and Sorcesser
In the beginning Spear Man and Sorcerer to attack the invaders destroyed when Shilon Master Spear Man and Sorcerer turns to attack members of a guild that does not dominate the crystal.

6. War
At the end of the war, if Shilon Master Guild inviolate the original castle was going to win. And took the castle was destroyed, but if Shilon Master Guild with the highest score is the winner. And has the right to occupy the castle.

7. Additional Rules

  • The Crystal Bearers away from the castle. Crystal will return to the room of Shilon Master automatically.
  • The Guild is the highest score equal 2 guild will be increased to 10 minutes.
  • Guild to rule the crystal Can warp to the castle by using Boldin Warp Device.


Shilon Master
holders, crystal stone Bodin Castle

Shilon Spear Man
Knights Castle Bodin custody

Shilon Sorcerer
The Magic Castle something like Bodin.

Points in the war (Siege's Score)

How Scored
(The attack)
1. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Lay members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal as well. 3 1
2. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Failure of Gill's position on the crystal. 10 10
3. Members of the guild that does not dominate the crystal. Falling Crystal Bearers. 50 10
4. Members of the guild that is dominating the crystal. Knocked the other player. 6 5
5. The Crystal Bearers Open falling through other members of the guild. 100 5
6. Gill every 1 second to rule the crystal will have one vote. 1 -
7. At the end of the war Gill, who is the reigning Crystal extra points. 600 -
8. In the event of a postponement. At the end Gill, who dominate the crystal has extra points. 300 -

Steps to Combat (Siege's Process)
1. The war
Gill nominee to make informed fighting with the NPC named Gate Keeper Bridge at the north gate of the castle Bodin. And pay for the war, 10 million on the war, Lee is scheduled to begin in the next 2 days (when Gill any challenge to combat it. Gill and others can join the war without making any other) player, you can check the dates and times of war, the NPC is the same.

2. Time to Battle
When the fighting Grill Master castle owner can not refuse to fight it. But it can change over time, or the time for war, the nominee is selected by clicking the Gate Keeper NPC of the same within 24 hours of the days of fighting. From midnight onwards.

3. The Battle Begins
By the time the war began Sorcerer castle gate closes out these facilities are located at the north gate of the castle bridge. Tower destroyer began to attack the invaders. Players who are not members of the guild who ruled the castle to be teleported out of the castle to the village red. And players who are members of the guild will be able to rule the castle and the castle using Boldin warp device.

4. During the War
Slaughter, when the towers were destroyed Sorceress castle gate is opened and the bridge is gone. If the tower is destroyed after 3 north gate opens. And the destruction of the tower that all 4 rear door opens.
When an intruder enters the castle, then the goal is Shilon Master Gold living room in the castle. By an intruder trying to break Shilon Master has to scramble Shilon rock crystal which makes it the highest score to settle.

During the war will be informed of the above on the right. (Text may be edited again) described below.

  • Gill, who currently occupy crystal.
  • Gill scores of Ribs dominate the crystal.
  • The names of those who are occupied with crystal stones.
  • The coordinates of the crystal are occupied.
  • Gill was to score first.
  • Gill, who has scored more points first.
  • Scores of your guild.
  • For the remainder of the war.

5. End the War
At the end of the war, if not destroyed Shilon Master Gill, owner of the castle will win, but if Shilon Master destroyed Gill, who has the most points is the winner.
At the end of the war, Gill, who scored a victory will crown symbol appears on the name Gill, the highest honor in the war.

Gate Keeper
Mediator in the war

Gold Room of residence
Shilon Master

Current data show

Crown of Fame
Given to the victor in the war.

Benefit of the guild castle owner (Siege Castle Owner)
1. Tax
Gill, who ruled the castle to change the NPC that sells in Shilon between 90 - 110%, also get a tax of 90% from the sale of NPC in Shilon any time by changing the mold of goods made by Guild Master. Click on Shilon Master Interface, it is up to the pricing is.

2. purchase from NPC
Members Gill castle owner can purchase the product or service in the castle NPC in cheaper than the usual 30-40%.

3. Destroyer Tower
Gill, who ruled the castle tower can increase the strength of the massacre by the Guild Master Interface clicking on the tower will be built to make the item to be set.

4. When the war began
Gill, who ruled the castle can be scheduled at the Gate Keeper, by the time the war began to be in the range defined by being a GM.

5. Warp Device
During the war, while Shilon Master has not been destroyed. And part-time war Members of the guild castle can rule out the castle by using Boldin Warp Device.

  • Boldin Warp Device is used to warp into the castle. It requires the use of the area outside the city.
  • North Bridge Warp Device for out of the castle to the north bridge. It will only be available from the castle. If used outside the castle is that at the village instead.
  • South Bridge Warp Device provides for a bridge from the castle to the south. It will only be available from the castle. If used outside the castle to land Rฺs the village instead.

6. Monster
During the war, while Shilon Master has not been destroyed Shilon Spear Man and Sorcerer will not attack members Gill, who ruled the castle. In addition, Gill, who ruled the castle is also able to control the ability of the Monster in Shilon also by filling Energy Ball (available at NPC village in red) on the podium Controller which is available with four podium were for. Attack 2 platform (Red) and 2 stand for the defense (Blue) by.

  • When packing Energy Ball on Controller 2 platform (red or blue with red and blue) ATK or DEF of Monster is reduced by 10%.
  • When packing Energy Ball on Controller 1 platform ATK or DEF is more 5%.
  • If not loaded yet. ATK and DEF are 20% more.

Another view of the castle Boldin

Monster Levers
In Shilon

The Guild Master can only be loaded by the Energy Ball Packaging Energy Ball 1 child.


Control Shilon by Gill Master (Siege Castle Master)
Shilon Master
When Gill Master castle owner Shilon clicking on the menu appears as shown below.

  1. Shows the amount of taxes to Gill. The proceeds from the sale of npc in Shilon.
  2. To withdraw money tax has to be here.
  3. Show the amount of guild master is.
  4. Close or open the castle doors.
  5. Pricing of goods sold by Shilon is between 90 - 110%.
  6. Close this window.

Destroyer Tower
Grill Master castle owner can purchase components. To increase the ability of the tower destroyer. By clicking on the tower And a menu will pop up as shown below.

  1. Select the top of the tower components will result in an attack by the 3 designs to choose from.
    1. Stone Guard Tower: can attack a single target.
    2. Fire Guard Tower: can attack multiple targets simultaneously.
    3. Ligthning Guard Tower: attack multiple targets with high attack power.
  2. Show details of the selected in step 1.
  3. Select the components of the tower will be 3 as well.
    1. Crey: creation of a strong common ground.
    2. Stone: built of stone is very strong.
    3. Steel: Steel building The most robust.
  4. Show details of the selected in step 3.
  5. Choose a tower defense with five types.
    1. White: No armor.
    2. Red: Armor normal.
    3. Blue: Medium strength.
    4. Green: high rigidity.
    5. Yellow: highest strength.
  6. Show details of the selected item 5.
  7. Show Me The Money Masters held at Gill.
  8. Shows the amount it would cost to purchase the tower.
  9. Click to buy.
  10. Cancel

Monster Controller
Grill Master castle owner can control the defense and attack the Monster in Shilon by the Controller for Power 2 platform (red) and for defense 2 platform (blue), as shown in Figure 1, where is the next village. Red Castle Control Platform Controller is used Energy Ball (Figure 2), which can be purchased from the NPC in Shilon installation details are as follows.

  1. Controller will be at 2 instead packed into one platform Monster Energy Ball is 5% more power.
  2. If packed into 2 podium Monster forces would be reduced by 10%.
  3. If not loaded yet Monster is 20% more powerful.

The Energy Ball 1 is the cause of approximately one hour and can be loaded with many children until the power bar is full. For example, in Figure 3, is packed into 4 balls, making affects approximately 4-5 hours.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Timing War
The nominee will then pay the fighting. Grill Master castle owner can select or change the time for battle by clicking on the NPC named Gate Keeper Bridge at the north of the castle.

  1. Days of combat, which can not be changed. It is defined as two days after the nominee.
  2. Grill Master castle owner can schedule the battle. But if the guild master castle owner fails to make the deadline. The system takes the nominee has been defined.
  3. Click OK