Stats and Rules

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You can check the current status of Labiyong keyboard by pressing "O" or use the mouse to click the menu pets. Top right of the Game


Rules of Labiyong

  1. Can you name Labiyong when Labiyong level 30 and you have to buy the item name, Pet Name Tag.  
    It is only sold in the City Lost Realm of the NPC sells only to bring this item into the Quick Slot and press to run.
  2. You can buy eggs Labiyong new Labiyong but you have will go away when you buy a new egg.
  3. When you adjust Labiyong you will not waste your experience is over 30%.
  4. When you visit the city during a war Shilon Castle Siege War Labiyong will return to Keeping House (NPC Veterinary) automatically.
  5. Labiyong not get into the dungeon, and when you enter the dungeon Labiyong be returned to Keeping House (NPC Veterinary) automatically.
  6. You can feed Labiyong one at a time only.