Special Monsters

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As a cave Bulesea "Searoost" and Dragon Sky City "Paros" Monster has a special ability. This creates a huge problem for the Warriors. In order to defeat the monster, this requires cooperation between tribes. You can put it down.

Hard Barrier

A monster capable of Hard Barrier congenital have a body like a Skill Hard Barrier is constantly on the attack usually does not make it much irritation. Appearance of monsters is a skin to glow. (But the color is not moving like Mutant).
The attack monsters must be rescued from Human Bulkan or to destroy Hard Barrier by Bulkan must use skill "Concentrated" or Human need to install "Hard Barrier Breaker device" and attacking. You can not destroy Hard Barrier.

*** Human Condition Changer may use the Hard Barrier Breaker Condition Changer because it has features of both Hard Barrier Breaker and Fuzzy Field Remover.


Fuzzy Field

In Shilon and Paros is a monster that can be used to curse. Also known as Fuzzy Type monster itself, which is latent curse the attacks, which have lower attack power, defense cuts, we are not moving. Or even that we can not attack. Monsters will look similar to the Hard Barrier different foundations.
We can break the curse by the tribe Kailipton use skill "Dispell" monsters or tribal Human installed "Fuzzy Remover Device" If you attack a monster red is missing when. That monster can not use curse again.
It was a curse, then it will always have Kailipton can only withdraw the curse by using skill Dispell as well as those hit by the curse. Then the curse is gone. But it can not be used on their own.

*** Human Condition Changer may use the Fuzzy Field Remover Condition Changer because it has features of both Hard Barrier Breaker and Fuzzy Field Remover.



A monster that looks translucent. Features will not be attacked The use of weapons and magic. Normally, you can not do it at all unless Aidia use Skill "Grow of Life" with this monster. Which makes this monster away from the transparency and being attacked.



Monsters are said to be difficult if you do not have to deal with that because Human Monster Shadow disappeared and will not appear. Unless we are going to attack. And when it appeared the attack. We can not just do it anyway. It will appear as shiny as the name Shadow.
To see this monster is. We have to wear the Human race before that was "Radar" Wearers Radar can be seen and attacked monster type. Or another way to put it is to be a Human "Space Controller" in it when Spece Controller sends out radiation (every 10 seconds) Shadow of exposure would appear to us to attack.

*** Monsters are just some examples only.


Also in the cave Searoost also traps and monsters that attacked the other rounds. Including Monster Rฺs to use magic. We have a status Like magic land, we could not walk. Ice magic that makes us unassailable. Making the trip in order to Paros Searoost must use caution and as a group. You will be able to safely reach the Devil King, a monster that sealed the door to Paros.


Devil King

Ruler beautiful blue cave. Live at the end of the Time Life Zone Searoost the Devil King, who sealed the door to Paros because fear the power of a dragon. Paros has to go into the Warriors have to get rid of the Devil King Devil King died when applied before the power of the beam to Paros it will work again. Which will be open until the Devil King will happen again.
In addition to the high life Devil King severe damage to a monster that has the properties of both Fuzzy Field and Hardbarrier makes it difficult to deal with if you become a partner.


Mother Dragon

Mother of the Dragon The life is eternal. The combination of power and knowledge ancient spells that have enormous power is said that if a man can fall Mother Dragon to get him, he will gain the knowledge and power of ancient spells as tribal mage ancient builders city Paros up. But it is only a myth. The only way to prove this myth is that the Mother Dragon deal with it.
Mother Dragon with enormous vitality. And a severe attack Moreover, the properties of Fuzzy and Ghost as well.