PK Penalty System

Google Translated

Changing PK Mode: FreePK, NonPK

1. Free PKmeans Allow forother pleyers to attack.
2. Non PKmeans Do not allow other players to attack and you can't attack other players too.
3. Non PK modewill not activeonly inShilonarea.
4. Player who has got penalty(Orange) will not change toNon PK mode.
5. While player useFree PK mode, will not change to non PK mode untill. quite fromFree PK mode.
6. In part of'Siege castle war'and 'team battle' While player useNon PK orFree PK mode will not entry.
7. While player useFree PK mode will shown 'sword emblem'
8. While player useNon PK modewill shown 'Pigeon emblem'
9. Player who has penaltythat useNon PK modeand stay inColiseum of Laglimia square and Survival Island penalty point will not deduct.
10. When you typing"//peace" in conversation box, all players who use PK modecan see your message and show 'pigeon emblem' above character name as picture(player who has level not over 249)

*** If you cancel Peace Mode, you will cannot use for temporarily and have to wait 7 days for reuse again ***

Player Versus Player(PVP) penalty system
Penalty System is set for protect player from killing by another player(PK)

terms of penalty

1. If you attack another player for 1 time you will get penalty 5 minutes and character's color will change topurple.
2. If you still attack another player while you get penalty, penalty period time will be extend 5 minutes immediately
3. In thisterms of penalty if you killed another player your penalty point will be deduct 60 Points
4. If you were killed by another player while you get penalty your point will bededuct 30 Point and penalty will be finish.

Whatcase that will not get penalty?

1. When attack player who has got penalty purple status
2. When attack player who play in same party or guild
3. When play in Laglamia Coliseum or (Soccer field)
4. When attack player who has got penalty red status (Criminal)
5. While play in Siege Castle War or Team Battle
6. When stayin Free PVP area,Shilon Map

Effect of decreasing penalty point

1. If penalty point less than 0 point, name and character will be change into orange status, Attacking damage and defensearedecrease 10%
2. If penalty point less than -500 points, name and character will be change into red status, Attacking damage and defensearedecrease 50%, cannot buy or sell with NPC, May be you were killedby another player who not get penalty.
3. When player who get penalty in red status were killed by guild's member of Shilon castle owner, you will move to jail immediately when you go to Shilon in all area such as If you've got penalty red status and were killed by guild member of Shilon castle owner at Laglamia Coliseum(Free PVP zone) When you go to Shilon Map your character will move to Guild's jail tillpenalty point complete (1,000 Point)

How to incresepenalty point

1. Kill "Armor rat" for penalty area in Laghaim (coordinate 147, 157) but increase slowly.
2. When go to jail but penalty point will increase slowly too.
3. Kill "Jailer Khan" at Shilon map, This is fastest way to increase penalty point but youmust beplayer who getting last damage to monster only.

Free PvP Declaration

1. If player want to declare to Free PVP, type '//PK' you will get 5 minutes for PK
2. When PK time had run you can't cancel.
3.Everyattackingduring Free PVP for 1 time, PKtime will be extend 30 seconds up to 10 minutes.
4. When you declare to Free PVP, Sword icon will be appear infront of character name.
5. Player who declare to PVP with another player who PVP toowill notguilty
6. If player who declare Free PVPand try toattack another player who didn't PVP, will get penalty
7. and player who didn't declare Free PVP attack to player who PVP, will get penalty too.
8. When Free PVP end of time system will extend for 10 seconds so after notice player have 10 seconds for stopattacking before get penalty
9. Ifyouare duringpenaty status/penalty time and declare Free PVP, whenyou were killed by someone,your penalty point will decreaseby therule normally

Semi Penalty

1. Ifyou attack another player with magic scroll, you will be get Semi Penalty status 5 minutes, no matterattacking will not decrease HP.
2. Semi Penalty, there's no any effect with character.
3. Penalty will not happen iftwo players who get Semifighting between themself.
4.If playerwhoget Semi Penalty and attack player who didn't get any penalty, will get penalty in purple status
5. Semi Penalty system had setto protecteverybodyfrom badly player who use magic scroll in wrong waythatdisturb another player.