3D Graphic Interface

  • Realistic views with stunning Full 3D Graphics
  • Feel free to change the point of view, zoom in and zoom out
  • Splendid 3D special effects when magic spells or weapons are used.

Variety characters and items

  • Motions of Game characters varies with the weapon it holds.
  • A variety of emotional expressions and loads of different equipment to select from.

Various monsters

  • Plenty of monsters, each with individual features and special abilities.

Magnificent and enormous world

  • An expansive continent with a gorgeous and varied environment.
  • Game environment will change from day to night; Even the shadow Changes in length of time during daytime.
  • Weather including the amount of rainfall changes.
  • Magical powers are influenced by the weather conditions.

Item production and trading

  • Player can produce specific items with a variety of materials.
  • Sell and buy items. Prices of items will change according to demand and in-game economy
  • Player can manage the vendor.

Various Communities

  • Organize massive guilds to ally or declare war against other guilds or make small parties to explore the world.

Smooth Gameplay

  • The game characters' motions are very fluid.
  • Dynamic attacking motions and sound effects, simple and intuitive interface.

Grow Special Pets

  • Grow special monsters and kit them up accordingly!