Evolution to Feragon

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Evolution System "Labiyong" to "Feragon".

Long ago, the discovery of genes from the remains of the "Labiyong" ancient extinct for a long time. This is also the first to make "Labiyong" raised again. After that, it was raised well as friends for over 15 years now and have joined the fight alongside the Star Lab hem to fight in the war against the army of Progmare Lagperant well.

Recently at Camp Peurogeumaeeo man has discovered a new phase of evolution, "Labiyong" which is top secret. After repeated trials and eventually can develop "Labiyong" to be stronger than ever. It has been dubbed the new "Feragon".


Transformation "Labiyong" to "Feragon".
1. "Labiyong" to change the draft must be level 100 and the item "Dragon Ball" which item "Dragon Ball" can be obtained from monsters called "Mother Dragon" by Monte Torre himself. This live map of the floating city "Paros".
2. When the item ( Dragon Ball ) is complete, warp to the city to find the Lost Realm NPC Drill Instructor will have a menu of "development" when selected. Will be available in 2 different forms of development, defense and attack patterns.
3. Select the desired format successfully. Before you agree that the item "Dragon Ball" placed a box of E to be exchanged with NPC Drill Instructor in the draft if the item "Dragon Ball" and select the format you want to develop successfully. Press OK it.
4. At this time, it will enhance your young ass built into "Feragon" successfully. The appearance of "Feragon" it. Depending on the model chosen, because 2 is appearance. And the ability to do the same. It will start as a level 1 and 2 are identical.

The transformation of Feragon.
"Labiyong" can choose a template to develop a draft "Feragon" 2 format is as follows.
1. "Feragon" draft "protection".
Will assist the owner. With skill and defending According to the learned By buff skill, owner automatically.
2. "Feragon" draft "attack".
Will assist the owner. Using the skills learned by the curse of the curse put this monster is attacked by "Feragon" to choose the skill automatically.

Skill "Feragon" draft "protection". Skill "Feragon" draft "attack".
Skill name Classes at the level ill name Classes at the level
Breath 20 Poison status 20
Card 50 Disability status 40
Prevent 80 Solid state 80
Life 90 Black Hole 90

The shape of the "Feragon" draft "attack".

Feragon shape of the "protected".

What changed after development.
When the "Labiyong" level 100 to turned into a "Feragon" successfully. The figure of "Feragon" will start at level 1, the ability of "Feragon" will vary for each type of Item used to decorate for "Labiyong" disappears. If you want to decorate "Feragon Item must buy new decorations. (Now there are 2 set).

Add a statement in support.
When "Labiyong" changed into "Feragon" I have ordered an additional 2 to control the following command.
1. Mode warning order (Mode Bourne rider).
In the battle with the monsters around. Use this command to attack If "Feragon" monster then. The experience gained will be divided into 50: 50 players.


2. Command mode (macro mode).
Mode is used to replicate the mode that had been done.