Map Forlorn Ruin

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Map Fort Campbell runes
Fort Campbell runes acropolis place of prosperity. Which has become the past and have been forgotten by. But the voices of people.


How to enter the map Fort Campbell runes, then the player must pass the defeat bosses, and 15 of these 5 mom before that if a player has to handle the boss and then get. Port Of Marboden item Already Just bring the item to be exchanged.

NPC Escapist Dimitrov

NPC Escapist that Dimitrov will receive the item Ruin Of Abandoned Device. Which is used for access to fans at Fort Campbell runes and a trip to Fort Campbell will have to travel to Cameroon.

NPC to warp into Fort Campbell runes.

Map of Dimitrov And warp to the map of Greer. And warp around it. Choose a topic Fort Campbell runes just as it can go. Fort Campbell runes, then the map of Fort Campbell runes are on two floors. This will go to the second floor it. Be prepared items Before making it to the second layer with the items that need to be prepared is Broken Passes of 10 pieces of an item can be obtained from monsters in Fort Campbell runes that if. Players collect then be redeemed at maturity.


NPC Device F

NPC Device F at the bottom right of the map, Fort Campbell Tier 1 runes me if the player has collected Broken Passses shall be able to exchange items Restore S2 Pass. Which is valid for entry into the 2nd period of work passes for 2 days, and besides NPC Device F This is a NPC for Warp to Level 2 of the Fort Campbell runes if. If the items are complete. It can warp to it. I was prepared to go along with the monster it's not.

Details Monster


Monster Name




Azure Viper


Ruddy Rexroid


Reptile Hyena


Hammer Tail


Reptile Jaws


Saith Serpent