Skills Hybrider

Google Translated
Hybrider a new race that comes with version 2005: Sudden Appearance who will build this new tribe. Character must be level 200 or above on the ID is the first tribe to be able to play two wires together.

Dual Sword (speed)
This line is focused on fighting the fierce and fast, making it possible to deal with the enemy in a short time the Hybrider the defense is low, so it can lead an army in battle or when fighting with Monster, but it can be the strong support it. skill variety and sudden attacks that ignore that they would be. Make his or her. The attack is the most serious lag in Bethlehem.

Hammer (line attack)
Warriors hammer line is a line that is unique on the planet lag things. That he or she has the ability to use a hammer to attack. Combined with the ability to use Divine Stone in support of the attack. Makes it possible to increase the ATK and DEF. It also adds strength to the members of the other party.

Skill Max Skill Lvl. Skill Details
Dual Sword Mastery 30 Increases attacking power by using the Dual Sword Mastery.
Recovery Power Increase 20 Further increases vitality by using the vitality recovery.
Haste 30 Increases attacking power and speed when mastered the skill by using the Dual Sword Mastery.
Double Slash 30 Increases intensiry of momentary damage.
Evasion 30 Obtains basic evasion power.
Bleed 30 Hit to increase 100% damage with specific rate and attack with ignoring the defensive power.
Dash 10 Rapidly moves to the assigned position.
Assault 30 Additionally attacks the target with strong energy.
Dual Assault 20 Additionally inflicts random attacks after assault attack.
Hide 10 Being protected from monsters for a while.
Shadow Slash 25 Attack enemy suddenly.
Space Slash 30 Attack rapidly and cut through the space.
Merciless Smash 25 Cut enemy several times with no mercy.
Hammer Mastery 30 Increases attacking power by using a hammer.
Vital Expansion 20 Increases vitality.
Heavy Mastery 30 Further increases attacking power by using a hammer.
Bash 20 Inflicts damage and chaos to the surrounding.
Iron Skin 20 Increases defense power with iron skin. Higher defense power depending on physical constitution.
Divine Stone 30 Uses divine stone a supplement weapon.
Stone Increase 20 Increases the number of targets and the range of application of divine stone.
Time Charge 20 Prolongs the duration of divine stone.
Stone Burst 30 Inflicts damage to the surrounding with a fixed possibility when using time charge.
Reflection 20 Increases defense at a given time and inflicts reflection damage to the surrounding.
Adrenalin 25 After concentrating then increase the rate of giving the powerful damage. Increase in critical.
Tornado Hammer 25 Attacks surrounding enemy's with great speed of spin.
Electronic Hammer 30 Gather electric energy to the hammer and give great damage.
Damage Mastery 20 Increases critical damage: 1~20%