LP System

Google Translated

1. rageuhaim point system?

Rageuhaim point (the LP) is a new point system appeared improved by upgrading the existing BP's points.

- Earn points and change: all the characters in my existing account and earn points scheme which was being consumed by the characters will be able to share.

2. LP earn

LP semen payments apply: flat rate LP can be obtained depending on the time after your payment.

Division LP acquired (1 hour)
Premium Subscription 4 points acquired
General Subscription 2 points acquired

Premium services: the premium service offerings will be credited to your account when purchasing a certain point.

Character Name Change ticket purchase Earn 330 points
Guild Name Change Volume Purchase Earn 594 points
Purchase character account Dong-kwon Lee Earn 242 points

PC room to play: When you play in rageuhaim participating PC room, playing the LP will earn as much as an hour.

30 minutes play Earn 2 points
1 hours play Earn 4 points

Mobius Arena: Mobius Arena to earn LP of participation when possible.
- The characters involved in the "Mobius Arena Season 2" as distinct species by individual species benefits benefits

Earn points obtained by the LP ⅹ5.

The Guardian System: If you can foster apprentices receive the LP using the Guardian system.
- Apprentice conditions upon graduation (achieving Level 275)  
- Payment LP guardian / apprentice all automatically receive 275 points

Using Lagrange Rush benefits: every hour if you play using the Lagrange Rush will be paid by 1L.P.
* movement and cumulative time zone during reconnection is initiated, a new 1 hour should be cumulative 1 LP will be paid.

Events: events involved when anyone applies to easily learn the LP.


3. LP consumption

Basically, the accumulated LP is available as an in-game store used LP,
LP This can be used as auctions, betting, event participation.

LP Store: Treasure Chest Key, an item that can help, such as warehouse expansion, the gameplay is sold.
John (coordinates) - Lagrange Lamia (794 742)

* Jewelry Box: Jewelry Boxes If you are buying from the LP store to exchange a variety of gems predecessors LP shop next to the box that contains the NPC appearing in rageuhaim is paid under a kind of jewelry. (LP Referrals About shop) Lower Great jewelries are also included.