Transmute / Scroll Upgrade

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Steps must use the Scroll alchemy of bracelets Evolution in the making. And skill is needed to transmute the option to add the other devices.

How to transmute Press and hold Refining / Alchemy Tribal Human, which is just one tribe, only to have the alchemist. It has the following window appears.

The alchemy skill Chances of success depend on the level of skill level. The price of alchemy is 50,000 to 1, and the alchemist Lee is a 1 in 10 households out. And items used are. Except for Lee, only to disappear.

Square and features of the scrolls

Name scrolls Items used in alchemy. Largest option from the upgrade.
(Amor class)
Scroll element Proof of power Health increased by
Soul of Regret
Scroll element Nymphe King's agreement Increase magic
Seal of Hero
Scroll of Light Seal of Flame Increased power
Power of Protection
Earth scrolls Rage of Lightening Increased strength
Light of Transformation
Wind scrolls Sign of Life Restoration potion with a 2% increase.
Wave of Change

Upgrade system

The new system to the next item. The next step is characterized with the NPC system and upgrade items to the "Strengthen person" who are in glass lab puppy. Standing on the right side of the NPC "Aidia merchant".

Upgrading windows above the text as shown. When the item into the box below. The above changes to the items and money that we have to lean on upgrades.


1. Lee Jewelers and money required will vary at each level.
2. There is no change to the next error.
2.1. Durability
2.2. The upgrade reduced
3. If the upgrade fails Durability is reduced by 1 point.
4. If durability is no remaining value can not be upgraded.

Table Items and Lee used the money to upgrade.

Degree Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Required Items That scripture sheet 1 sheet That scripture sheet 1 sheet That scripture sheet 2 sheet That scripture sheet 2 sheet That scripture sheet 3 sheet
Amethyst Topaz Opal Sapphire Sapphire
Topaz Opal Sapphire Ruby Ruby
Opal Sapphire Ruby Emerald Emerald
Sapphire Ruby Emerald Magic platinum X10 Magic platinum X9
Ruby Emerald Magic platinum X10 Diamond Diamond
Emerald Magic platinum X11 Diamond Diamond Diamond
Magic platinum X11 Diamond Diamond Rough Diamond Rough Diamond
Required Laim 261,000 522,000 783,000 1,044,000 1,305,000

Items that can be upgraded with an upgrade system. Will vary according to the type of item, tap.

Items that can be used to upgrade and upgrade.

Tribe Item Levels of upgrade
Bulkan   Franz Set Level 3
Blood Franz Set
Kailipton   Luke Set Level 3
Mystery Luke Set
Human   Harces Set Level 3
Weeharces Set
Aidia   Bles Set Level 3
Sacred Bles Set
Hybrider   Splendor Set Level 3
Ancient Splendor Set

Armor higher lvl 275 is upgradeable over 3 levels above level 275 and armor can be upgraded up to level 3.

Enhanced capabilities for each level of the upgrade.

Name scrolls Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Option
Scroll element 20 50 100 150 200 Health increased by
Scroll element 20 50 100 150 200 Magic
Scroll of Light 20 50 100 150 200 Increased power
Earth scrolls 20 50 100 150 200 Strength
Wind scrolls 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% Reconstruction with increased Potion