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Gem Chips

Google Translated

Each type of gem Will look at the levels of the Chip Chip 3 of 3 levels that can be loosely integrated to provide a pure gem on NPC Gem Shopkeeper in Laglamia.

Gem Chip various grades

Gem Grade 3 Grade 2 Grade 1
Amethyst Chip
Topaz Chip
Opal Chip
Sapphire Chip
Ruby Chip
Emerald Chip
Diamond Chip
Regent Diamond Chip

Terms of loose gems, including
- Gem Chip Grades 3 to 5 pieces can be as grade 2 for 1 piece.
- Gem Chip 5 pieces of grade 2 to grade 1 is fused into one piece.
- Gem Chip grades 1 to 5 pieces can be as pure gems.


Grade 3 to Grade 2 5 ea 1 ea.
Grade 2 to Grade 1 5 ea 1 ea.
Grades 1 to 5 pieces is a pure gem.