Pet (Labiyong, Feragon)

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How to hatch

Labiyong the animals are born from eggs and players can customize Labiyong up to 41,000, by mixing various kinds, such as his, head, body, wings, legs, and tail together with yourself, Labiyong also. pet tame, too Labiyong many benefits. Can help keep things that fall. And you can be trained to increase the level cap to it. When it has a higher level. It can attack very well.

If you would like to have as a pet Labiyong body double. There are simple steps
1. I can buy eggs Labiyong come to the pod is not the eggs must be level 90 or above.
2. Egg Labiyong the City Lost Realm Castle with NPC named Egg Seller.

NPC Egg Seller

Eggs are $ 1 million to buy Lee, press OK.

3. When the eggs. Put eggs in the box above. Eggs will hatch It is time to hatch. When you put the eggs in the pictures. While you are hatching every time a character dies. Eggs will be damaged. Incubation time increased by 10 minutes for the death of a character first time.