Monsters Green Hill (OLD)

Google Translated
Spector (Lvl 250)
Attacked the enemy with stealth example realistically with its transparent appearance. It is often called the Spirit of Green Hill.
Drop item : Mega mana Potion, Mega Stamina Potion, Mega Electric Power Potion, Giga Vitality Potion
King Entitor (Lvl 300)
He swung the ax attack by using extra long arms. And it usually does not like to stay together as a group.
Drop item : Bulkan White Knight Helmet, Kailipton White Knight Armor, Human White Knight Pants, Aidia White Knight Boots ,Petrifaction Lv.4, Cold Lv.4, Jackal Summon Stone, Vitality Increaser
Faivz (Lvl 310)
It was called the villain of Green Hill as a ruthless and vicious habit of lingering hard even though it is slow.
Drop item : Kailipton White Knight Pants, Human White Knight Boots, Aidia White Knight Helmet, Cold Lv.6, Mini Rocker Luncher, Super Jackal Summon Stone, Stamina Increaser