Hammer Hybrider Guide

My thanks to the author of this guide: [GM]Karma

Hammer hybrid is the less squishy version of the 2 hybrid builds. Hammer hybrid focuses on tanking and AoE skilling, while reflecting damage back to attackers. Hammer hybrid uses mana, rather than stamina, so you need to sacrifice some stats to add wisdom.


 Hammer Mastery

Required level 200, max skill level 30.
This skill is a passive which boosts attack of the hammer. Max this


Required level 200, max skill level 20.
Your 1st attack as hammer hybrid. The higher skill level, the more mana it consumes. This skill also inflicts confuse on all targets, since this is an AoE skill. Max this.

 Heavy Mastery

Required level 201, max skill level 30.
This is another passive skill which boosts hammer damage. Vitality Expansion must be rank 5 minimum, while Haste needs have 0 points added to it. Max this.

 Tornado Hammer

Required level 215, max skill level 25.
Your next attack skill. This attack does frontal damage, rather than AoE damage. This skill needs skill scrolls to max it out. Max this skill

 Electronic Hammer

Required level 300, max skill level 30.
Your 3rd attack skill. This 1 does AoE around the target of impact. Max this skill.

 Divine Stone

Required level 235, max skill level 30.
The higher this skill, the higher level stone the hammer hybrid can hold. There are 3 stones which the hybrid can hold. The 1st stone does AoE, the 2nd heals all party members, and the 3rd stone does AoE also, but has increases damage when compared to the 1st stone. My advice would be to ignore stone abilities. The lower 2 are too low in damage/heals to even bother with. Stat 5 points only to unlock the next skill.

 Time Charge

Required level 240, max skill level 20.
This skill pairs with Divine Stone. The more points added into this skill, the longer duration the stone stays for. Add 5 points only to unlock next skill.

 Stone Burst

Required level 250, max skill level 30.
This does an AoE attack to the surrounding enemies, but since stone damage is useless, only take 5 points to unlock Reflection.

 Stone Increase

Required level 240,max skill level 20.
The more points added into this skill, the more enemies you will hit when using stone skills. This skill can be fully ignored.


Required level 275, max skill level 20.
Reflect is a buff, which gives the user an increase in defence, but also, allows them to reflect damage back to the attacker. At max level, you gain 30% reflect, and also 30% defence increase. This is your primary survival skill. Use as much as you can when tanking, unless your defence is good enough, then use Adrenaline. Reflect and Adrenaline DO NOT share a cooldown, so you can use 1, and then pop the next 1 straight after. Max this skill


Required level 200, max skill level 25.
Another self buff. Adrenaline boosts the hybriders critical and fatal chance by 60% each when maxed out. I'm not sure if this works only when you have fatal and/or crit on your hammer already, or if it works without that. Some people prefer using this for leveling, rather than Reflect. With Reflect, my skills 1 hit kill enemies anyway. It all depends on if you're taking too much damage. If your hp is ok, then use adrenaline, if you feel squishy, use Reflect imo. Either way, max this skill also.

 Life Expansion

Required level 200, max skill level 20.
A self passive skill. It increases the hybriders hp by 1000. Max this skill

 Iron Skin

Required level 215, max skill level 20.
This works the same way as the bulkan Iron Skin. The more points into constitution that you have, the more you will absorb also. Boosted with the passive effects of the skill, you can get 42% absorb with 880 constitution.
Max this skill


For hammer, 500 mana is enough. You will be potting alot, but it means you can also tank alot more also. As hammer, have enough strength for next weapon, and the rest into constitution. This will pump up your hp, while adding to Iron Skin's Absorb.

Evolution Bracelet

The options I always loved in my evo, were 15% absorb, 10% magical defence, 10% reflect. The reflect option boosts with the skill reflect, absorb boosts with Iron Skin, and magical defence helps boost our survivability further.

Ancient Ring 5

I would choose 5% avoid, 40% skill duration, 5% counter, 5% crit.