Human Guide

My thanks to the author of this guide: [GM]Karma
(I just added the skill icons and made some small comments in italic)

Humans have decent damage in the lower levels of the game. Fast killing while being able to tank well enough. End game, they are able to tank very well, while still dealing good enough damage.
Humans use guns and heavy weapons to defeat their foes.


More Details about the human skills: Skills->Human and Skills->Human (Details)


Required level 5, max skill level 25. This is a passive skill which auto increases the damage of guns. It increases from 10% - 200% more damage.
Max this skill.


Required level 50, maximum skill level 25. Another passive skill. It allows the human to fire twice as quick, starting at 4% chance rank 1, up to 100% max rank.
Max this skill.

 Marksmanship (aka Aiming skill)

Required level 80, maximum skill level 10. Yet again, another passive skill. It further increases the damage of gun skills.
Max this skill.


Required level 70, max skill level 5. This skill gives more range from your normal attack only. Although it can hit fairly hard, you wont be able to use skills from this range. Also, semi-automatic skill does not work with this, making it a useless skill yo have.
Ignore this skill.


Required level 110, max skill level 5. This skill is a must. It is a self buff skill which increases the humans attack power by 30%. You will get a green aura under yourself for 70 seconds.
Max this skill.

 Machine Operation Skill

Required skill level 150, max skill level 10. Now things get fun. Humans can equip different heavy weapons which further boost their damage. Unlike other races with sub weapons, humans can use theirs while using normal weapon also. This skill increases heavy weapon damage by 500%.
Max this skill.


Required level 130, max skill level 10. Humans can collect assembly items from certain monsters within the game. Doing so, allows the human to create unique items which they can place into their heavy weapon. Once you have all the items you need for human, you can remove this skill to save 10 points.
Max this skill temporarily, then re spec later.

 Gem Cutting

Required level 20, max level 25. Throughout the game, you will find different Gems from monsters. When they drop, you will find there is nothing you can do with them. That is where the human comes in. Using the gem cutting skill, a human can cut these gems to make them perfect and use able. Most humans only put 1 point into this skill. The only difference between having 1 point in the skill and making it, is the success rate. But failing does not mean the gem is lost, you just need to attempt cutting it again. Since the gem cutting item is cheap, you can try again and again and save points at the same time. Place the Gem into quick slot, and make sure you have enough gem cutting kits in the bag. Then use the number you have the gem on.
1 point in this skill is enough.


Required level 80, max skill level 5. This isnt like normal stealth on most games. Stealth with a human allows them to hide underground. People can still see them, but nothing can attack them. While "hidden" you cannot see what is around you. You can view them on radar, but not in person. Only difference in having this higher level is being able to see people at longer range, but it uses more electric per 10 seconds.
1 point in this skill is enough.

 Electric Shield

Required level 15, max level 25. All ranged classes have a variation of the shield. In the case of human, it takes away 40% of damage into electric rather than health. It also decreases physical damage taken by 50%.
Max this skill and keep it up at all times.

 Magic Shield (Absorb Magic)

Required level 170, max level 10. This skill matches with the Electric Shield skill. when you use electric shield, magic shield will be automatically added to it. at max level, it absorbs 21-60% magical damage.
Max this skill.


Required level 275, max skill level 10. Process skill isnt needed much, if at all. Using this skill allows humans to refine items, which can be added to armour as options. BUT... the items you get from processing can also be found in game via dropped boxes. So this skill I see as not needed anymore.
0 points in this skill.

 Frozen Shot

Required level 100, max skill level 25. I quite like this skill. Some others would agree, some disagree. It does'nt deal great amount of damage, but it deals more than normal attack, and has a very short cooldown. Some people skip this skill once they get a decent heavy weapon. But Rush potions (+100% attack potion) do not work with heavy weapons.
I would suggest maxing this skill.
I testet this skill when it was new, but never liked/used it, so i suggest 0 points.

 Electric Shot

Required level 175, max skill level 25. This skill deals too little damage for the amount of time it takes to cast. The animation is too long for this skill.
Skip this skill

 Air Raid

Required level 200, max skill level 20. You're 1st AoE attack. It summons a ship which deploys an air strike onto the enemies. Since you need to summon a ship to use this skill, it cannot be used indoors such as dungeons.
Max this skill

 Air Raid Concent

Required level 210, max skill level 20. This further boosts the damage of Air Raid by 200% max level.
Max this skill.

 Deep Attack

Required level 250, max skill level 10. Another skill to ignore. While using this skill, you cannot use gun or other skills.
Nothing else to say on this, just ignore it.

 Chain Attack

Required level 265, max skill level 10. This adds damage to Deep Attack, but since that skill is ignored,
ignore this skill also.

 Auto Mine

Required level 275, max skill level 20. Another attack skill. This one deals decent damage, but it can miss. It is pretty much an instant cast. Only downfall is that it can miss.
Max this skill.

 Fire Blindly

Required level 300, max skill level 30. An AoE skill. When used on an enemy, try to focus on the target with most health remaining. When used on lower hp mob, the skill will finish prematurely. It deals decent damage.
I would recommend maxing this skill.


Thai Version (before you got Life/Level):
Enough strength to hold next item piece. While leveling up, alot of humans go 50/50 with electric and health. After level 300, I would just add everything into strain (=constitution).

Korea Version (width Life/Level):
Damage Formula (up to 700 Strength): Level / 6 + Dexterity / 2 + Strength / 3, (more than 700 Strength): Level / 6 + Dexterity / 2 + 700 / 3, and you get 25 Life/Level
Enough strength to hold next item piece.
Level 1-38x: Max dexterity first then max strength and at last constitution until 150 then reskill. The
200 points in strength give you more life as when you stop at 700 points and start to max constitution.
Level 38x+: Max dexterity first then strength until 700 and at last max const. From now on the 200 points in constitution give you more life as when you leave them in strength.

Evolution Bracelet:

15% absorb, 3% hp, 10% confuse seems like the norm for humans. But I see the confuse option as useless. In the level 275+ zones, the mobs pretty much die from 1 skill. There is no need to have this 10% confuse on. As for the level 350+ map, I guess it could come in handy there.


I would choose 5% avoid, 40% skill duration, 5% counter, 5% crit