Kailipton Guide

My thanks to the author of this guide: [GM]Karma

Kaili end game is 1 of the best classes, both for PvE and PvP.


More details about the kailipton skills: Skills->Kailipton

 Fire Ball  Fire Mastery  Fire Pillar  Starflare
Max them all, especially at high lvls these will be invaluable. They all add dmg, once you maxed them out, only use Starflare. Area damage skill.

 Lightning Ball  Lightning Mastery  Lightning Bolt  Shock Sphere
Max them all, these skills are primary lvling skills. They all add dmg, once you've maxed them out, only use Shock Sphere.

 Pebble Shot  Stone Mastery  Hail  Stone Lance
Max them all, these skills are primary lvling skills. They all add dmg, once you've maxed them out, only use Stone Lance.
When multi killing, use Starflare as main skill. When solo killing, the damage is based on the in game weather. If it is raining, Shock Sphere does more damage. Otherwise Stone Lance is stronger.

 Mana Shield
Max it, very important skill, keep it up @ all times.

 Return To Village
Just 1 point in it, its a spammable return warp. (can fail alot, just keep spamming)

 Ice Bolt
Extra attack skill at low lvl, can be usefull, but cost lime and it not really needed. I recommend skipping this skill, stats (strain/wisdom) are more important.

Max it, once maxed it decrease mana consumption by 20%

Max it, it increases dmg absorbtion 17-45%

 Hurricane of Psychokinetic Energy
Max it, it gives extra damage to your every attack. (22-80% increase attack power) Lasts about 60seconds when maxed. It decrease vitality slowly, if your vitality reaches near 1 the skill will stop working. (It will never kill you). Also named rage.

 Translate Ancient Languages
Max it, it give you the ability to use spell books and spells up to lvl 6 (max lvl ingame atm)

  • petrification: freeze mob where it stand, you are able to do more dmg while its frozen. Usefull on melee mobs.
  • paralyse: makes mob unable to attack and run around in circles.

Usefull on ranged mobs.

  • cold: mobs attack alot slower. Not that usefull
  • confusion: mobs cant preform critical hits on you and sometimes miss. Not that usefull
  • black hole: drains  mana (aidia, kaili) or stamina (bulk, hybrider) or electricity (human). Not that usefull

 Transfer Magical Power
Max it, it allows you to use wands as secondary weapon and increase your damage.
For advanced understanding of what this skill does and does not do, see below

lvl 1 wands: need wand chargers lvl 1 to refill

  • Magic arrow wand: accumulated damage up to 1000. (meaning each extra hit does more dmg, untill you reach 1000 damage)
  • Magic bullet wand: higher base damage then maw but no accumulated dmg

lvl 2 wands: need wand chargers lvl 2 to refill

  • Chain lightning wand: base dmg of 500-700, accumulated damage up to 2000.
  • Meteor wand: higher base damage then clw (600-800), area dmg but no accumulated dmg
  • Magic short sword wand: same base damage as meteor wand, no area dmg but accumulated damage to 2500

lvl 3 wands: need wand chargers lvl 3 to refill

  • Magic sword wand: only melee wand, very fast usage, base damage 800-900
  • Blizzard wand: slow wand, cold effect 80% chance, base damage 1700-2000

lvl 4 wands: need wand chargers lvl 4 to refill

  • Confusion storm wand: slow wand, confuse effect 100%; base damage 2000-2300
  • Death wave wand: base dmg 2500 -2900, accumulated dmg of 3000

Max it, it allows you to remove curses from yourself and other players.
comment: if you need to use this skill alot (old paros, during EE, castle siege etc) Its best not to use rage, it will mess up the skill.

 Tornado Ruin Tornado Operation
Max it. It will be a important attack skill that also does area damage.

Max it. This is the best area damage skill for kaili's, Tho it never kills, but drains nearly every hp from mobs/player. You need lime and skill scrolls to max this skill.

 Bloody Mana
5 points in it. Need gloves to be able to use this skill. Spammable skill that will convert vitality to mana. Very usefull at high lvl (300+). Is needed to be able to stat vampire touch and hell touch.

 Vampire Touch

  • 1 point in it when you are not playing vitality build or just playing pvm and not pvp.
  • max it when you play pvp and are using a vitality build. (damage will be alot better)

It requires gloves, and can be refilled with wand chargers lvl 1. Its a cheap way to refill your vitality. Very useful, especially in combination with Bloody Mana.

 Hell Touch
Last skill that requires gloves. It use nearly all mana in 1 big attack. I recommend getting this skill if you are lvl 330+ and use a mana build (10k+ mana).

 Hell Down  Hell Mastery
Max it! Insane attack that requires some training. You need to charge it several times to be able to you its max damage, if you get hit while preforming this skill it will be cancelled.

 Flame Spear
Awesome skill with high area damage. Needless to say, max it.
comment: you can stat this skill at lvl 300, however you need lvl 329 to max it. @lvl 313 the damage will be the same as Tornado. So I suggest saving some points and then start stating it.


For stats, get enough strength to hold your next item piece. From here, you have 2 options. Either more damage, or more health. Stats also depend alot on whether you have a pet, or whether you have someone to tank for you. If you have no easy way to avoid taking damage, I would suggest getting enough point into strain to boost your hp enough to take 5 hits from a mob. Another way I use to test my hp, was to test on Legknock. If I could handle his damage, I had enough.
The other way is tonnes of mana. This works best with Poison. The more mana you have, the more targets it hits. More mana is also best on solo mobs.
Since the cash shop weapons are cheap here, I would suggest going 1:2 wisdom strain till around 3k mana. Then rest into strain.

Max strength needed
28x pants - 73
32x pants - 88
34x pants - 103
jin 210 - 51
Jin 261 - 54
320 weapon - 63

Evolution Bracelet

For Evolution Bracelet, I would go 15% absorb, 3% hp, 3% mana. Or 15% absorb, 5% hp. Confusion option doesn't work on kaili spam skill, so is kind of useless.

Ancient Ring 5

I would choose 5% crit, 5% absorb, 40% skill duration, 5% counter attack.

Kailipton Combo

Kaili combo is pretty much w.e is on CD, use For AoE, try to start with poison or Flame spear, followed by tornado.